Commit 77861d9c authored by Gerlando Falauto's avatar Gerlando Falauto Committed by David S. Miller

tipc: tipc_bcbearer_send(): simplify bearer selection

Signed-off-by: default avatarGerlando Falauto <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent e6160710
......@@ -610,23 +610,23 @@ static int tipc_bcbearer_send(struct sk_buff *buf,
for (bp_index = 0; bp_index < MAX_BEARERS; bp_index++) {
struct tipc_bearer *p = bcbearer->bpairs[bp_index].primary;
struct tipc_bearer *s = bcbearer->bpairs[bp_index].secondary;
struct tipc_bearer *b = p;
if (!p)
break; /* No more bearers to try */
tipc_nmap_diff(&bcbearer->remains, &p->nodes,
if (tipc_bearer_blocked(p)) {
if (!s || tipc_bearer_blocked(s))
continue; /* Can't use either bearer */
b = s;
tipc_nmap_diff(&bcbearer->remains, &b->nodes,
if (bcbearer->remains_new.count == bcbearer->remains.count)
continue; /* Nothing added by bearer pair */
if (!tipc_bearer_blocked(p))
tipc_bearer_send(p, buf, &p->bcast_addr);
else if (s && !tipc_bearer_blocked(s))
/* unable to send on primary bearer */
tipc_bearer_send(s, buf, &s->bcast_addr);
/* unable to send on either bearer */
tipc_bearer_send(b, buf, &b->bcast_addr);
/* Swap bearers for next packet */
if (s) {
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