Commit 74af1c22 authored by Russell King's avatar Russell King Committed by Russell King
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[ARM] L7200: Remove deprecated __io_pci and __arch_(get|put)*

These functions have been deprecated for quite some time, and in
fact are no longer used.  They just add to clutter.  Remove them.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRussell King <>
parent 96b13f5c
......@@ -17,35 +17,8 @@
* There are not real ISA nor PCI buses, so we fake it.
#define __io_pci(a) ((void __iomem *)(PCIO_BASE + (a)))
#define __mem_pci(a) (a)
#define __ioaddr(p) __io_pci(p)
* Generic virtual read/write
#define __arch_getb(a) (*(volatile unsigned char *)(a))
#define __arch_getl(a) (*(volatile unsigned int *)(a))
static inline unsigned int __arch_getw(unsigned long a)
unsigned int value;
__asm__ __volatile__("ldrh %0, [%1, #0] @ getw"
: "=&r" (value)
: "r" (a) : "cc");
return value;
#define __arch_putb(v,a) (*(volatile unsigned char *)(a) = (v))
#define __arch_putl(v,a) (*(volatile unsigned int *)(a) = (v))
static inline void __arch_putw(unsigned int value, unsigned long a)
__asm__ __volatile__("strh %0, [%1, #0] @ putw"
: : "r" (value), "r" (a) : "cc");
* Translated address IO functions
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