Commit 71e025a5 authored by Ben Greear's avatar Ben Greear Committed by John W. Linville
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ath9k: More xmit queue debugfs information.

To try to figure out why xmit logic hangs.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBen Greear <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent 7f010c93
......@@ -679,6 +679,32 @@ static ssize_t read_file_xmit(struct file *file, char __user *user_buf,
PRQLE(tmp, txq_fifo[i]);
/* Print out more detailed queue-info */
for (i = 0; i <= WME_AC_BK; i++) {
struct ath_txq *txq = &(sc->tx.txq[i]);
struct ath_atx_ac *ac;
struct ath_atx_tid *tid;
if (len >= size)
goto done;
if (!list_empty(&txq->axq_acq)) {
ac = list_first_entry(&txq->axq_acq, struct ath_atx_ac,
len += snprintf(buf + len, size - len,
"txq[%i] first-ac: %p sched: %i\n",
i, ac, ac->sched);
if (list_empty(&ac->tid_q) || (len >= size))
goto done_for;
tid = list_first_entry(&ac->tid_q, struct ath_atx_tid,
len += snprintf(buf + len, size - len,
" first-tid: %p sched: %i paused: %i\n",
tid, tid->sched, tid->paused);
if (len > size)
len = size;
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