Commit 6ca15841 authored by Al Viro's avatar Al Viro Committed by Linus Torvalds
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[PATCH] smbfs endianness annotations

Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 2ef10312
......@@ -43,17 +43,17 @@ static inline struct smb_inode_info *SMB_I(struct inode *inode)
/* macro names are short for word, double-word, long value (?) */
#define WVAL(buf,pos) \
(le16_to_cpu(get_unaligned((u16 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))))
(le16_to_cpu(get_unaligned((__le16 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))))
#define DVAL(buf,pos) \
(le32_to_cpu(get_unaligned((u32 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))))
(le32_to_cpu(get_unaligned((__le32 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))))
#define LVAL(buf,pos) \
(le64_to_cpu(get_unaligned((u64 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))))
(le64_to_cpu(get_unaligned((__le64 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))))
#define WSET(buf,pos,val) \
put_unaligned(cpu_to_le16((u16)(val)), (u16 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))
put_unaligned(cpu_to_le16((u16)(val)), (__le16 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))
#define DSET(buf,pos,val) \
put_unaligned(cpu_to_le32((u32)(val)), (u32 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))
put_unaligned(cpu_to_le32((u32)(val)), (__le32 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))
#define LSET(buf,pos,val) \
put_unaligned(cpu_to_le64((u64)(val)), (u64 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))
put_unaligned(cpu_to_le64((u64)(val)), (__le64 *)((u8 *)(buf) + (pos)))
/* where to find the base of the SMB packet proper */
#define smb_base(buf) ((u8 *)(((u8 *)(buf))+4))
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