Commit 6b9dc6a4 authored by Rodrigo Vivi's avatar Rodrigo Vivi Committed by Jani Nikula
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drm/i915: Removing PCI IDs that are no longer listed as Kabylake.

This is unusual. Usually IDs listed on early stages of platform
definition are kept there as reserved for later use.

However these IDs here are not listed anymore in any of steppings
and devices IDs tables for Kabylake on configurations overview
section of BSpec.

So it is better removing them before they become used in any
other future platform.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRodrigo Vivi <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDhinakaran Pandiyan <>
(cherry picked from commit a922eb8d

Signed-off-by: default avatarJani Nikula <>
parent 42482b45
......@@ -325,15 +325,10 @@
#define INTEL_KBL_GT3_IDS(info) \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x5923, info), /* ULT GT3 */ \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x5926, info), /* ULT GT3 */ \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x5927, info), /* ULT GT3 */ \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x592B, info), /* Halo GT3 */ \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x592A, info) /* SRV GT3 */
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x5927, info) /* ULT GT3 */
#define INTEL_KBL_GT4_IDS(info) \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x5932, info), /* DT GT4 */ \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x593B, info), /* Halo GT4 */ \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x593A, info), /* SRV GT4 */ \
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x593D, info) /* WKS GT4 */
INTEL_VGA_DEVICE(0x593B, info) /* Halo GT4 */
#define INTEL_KBL_IDS(info) \
INTEL_KBL_GT1_IDS(info), \
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