Commit 680a647b authored by Christoph Hellwig's avatar Christoph Hellwig
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xfs: PF_FSTRANS should never be set in ->writepage

Now that we reject direct reclaim in addition to always using GFP_NOFS
allocation there's no chance we'll ever end up in ->writepage with
PF_FSTRANS set.  Add a WARN_ON if we hit this case, and stop checking
if we'd actually need to start a transaction.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristoph Hellwig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarAlex Elder <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDave Chinner <>
parent 1316d4da
......@@ -894,11 +894,6 @@ out_invalidate:
* For unwritten space on the page we need to start the conversion to
* regular allocated space.
* For any other dirty buffer heads on the page we should flush them.
* If we detect that a transaction would be required to flush the page, we
* have to check the process flags first, if we are already in a transaction
* or disk I/O during allocations is off, we need to fail the writepage and
* redirty the page.
......@@ -906,7 +901,6 @@ xfs_vm_writepage(
struct writeback_control *wbc)
struct inode *inode = page->mapping->host;
int delalloc, unwritten;
struct buffer_head *bh, *head;
struct xfs_bmbt_irec imap;
xfs_ioend_t *ioend = NULL, *iohead = NULL;
......@@ -938,15 +932,10 @@ xfs_vm_writepage(
goto redirty;
* We need a transaction if there are delalloc or unwritten buffers
* on the page.
* If we need a transaction and the process flags say we are already
* in a transaction, or no IO is allowed then mark the page dirty
* again and leave the page as is.
* Given that we do not allow direct reclaim to call us, we should
* never be called while in a filesystem transaction.
xfs_count_page_state(page, &delalloc, &unwritten);
if ((current->flags & PF_FSTRANS) && (delalloc || unwritten))
if (WARN_ON(current->flags & PF_FSTRANS))
goto redirty;
/* Is this page beyond the end of the file? */
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