Commit 67f462b2 authored by Nicolas Pitre's avatar Nicolas Pitre Committed by Nicolas Pitre
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ARM: mach-davinci: clean up debug-macro.S

This achieves two goals:

1) Get rid of davinci_uart_v2p() and davinci_uart_p2v() which were the
   last users of PLAT_PHYS_OFFSET.

2) Remove the probing of the M bit in the CP15 control reg and make
   the access to the .data variables completely position independent.

Signed-off-by: default avatarNicolas Pitre <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKevin Hilman <>
Tested-by: default avatarKevin Hilman <>
parent e020fe34
......@@ -18,15 +18,10 @@
#include <linux/serial_reg.h>
#include <asm/memory.h>
#include <mach/serial.h>
#define UART_SHIFT 2
#define davinci_uart_v2p(x) ((x) - PAGE_OFFSET + PLAT_PHYS_OFFSET)
#define davinci_uart_p2v(x) ((x) - PLAT_PHYS_OFFSET + PAGE_OFFSET)
.pushsection .data
davinci_uart_phys: .word 0
davinci_uart_virt: .word 0
......@@ -35,38 +30,38 @@ davinci_uart_virt: .word 0
.macro addruart, rp, rv, tmp
/* Use davinci_uart_phys/virt if already configured */
10: mrc p15, 0, \rp, c1, c0
tst \rp, #1 @ MMU enabled?
ldreq \rp, =davinci_uart_v2p(davinci_uart_phys)
ldrne \rp, =davinci_uart_phys
add \rv, \rp, #4 @ davinci_uart_virt
ldr \rp, [\rp, #0]
ldr \rv, [\rv, #0]
10: adr \rp, 99f @ get effective addr of 99f
ldr \rv, [\rp] @ get absolute addr of 99f
sub \rv, \rv, \rp @ offset between the two
ldr \rp, [\rp, #4] @ abs addr of omap_uart_phys
sub \tmp, \rp, \rv @ make it effective
ldr \rp, [\tmp, #0] @ davinci_uart_phys
ldr \rv, [\tmp, #4] @ davinci_uart_virt
cmp \rp, #0 @ is port configured?
cmpne \rv, #0
bne 99f @ already configured
bne 100f @ already configured
/* Check the debug UART address set in uncompress.h */
mrc p15, 0, \rp, c1, c0
tst \rp, #1 @ MMU enabled?
and \rp, pc, #0xff000000
add \rp, \rp, \rv
ldreq \rv, =davinci_uart_v2p(davinci_uart_phys)
ldrne \rv, =davinci_uart_phys
/* Copy uart phys address from decompressor uart info */
ldr \tmp, [\rp, #0]
str \tmp, [\rv, #0]
ldr \rv, [\rp, #0]
str \rv, [\tmp, #0]
/* Copy uart virt address from decompressor uart info */
ldr \tmp, [\rp, #4]
str \tmp, [\rv, #4]
ldr \rv, [\rp, #4]
str \rv, [\tmp, #4]
b 10b
99: .word .
.word davinci_uart_phys
.macro senduart,rd,rx
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