Commit 677676cd authored by Jean Sacren's avatar Jean Sacren Committed by David S. Miller
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ieee802154: fix at86rf212_set_txpower() exit path

The commit 9b2777d6

 ("ieee802154: add TX power control to
wpan_phy") introduced the new function at86rf212_set_txpower() with
the questionable check of the return of __at86rf230_write() in the
exit path:

1) Both at86rf212_set_txpower() and __at86rf230_write() have the
   same return type.

2) Whatever __at86rf230_write() returns becomes the return value of

Thus, fix the exit path by getting rid of that check entirely.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJean Sacren <>
Cc: Phoebe Buckheister <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 08692817
......@@ -786,7 +786,6 @@ static int
at86rf212_set_txpower(struct ieee802154_dev *dev, int db)
struct at86rf230_local *lp = dev->priv;
int rc;
/* typical maximum output is 5dBm with RG_PHY_TX_PWR 0x60, lower five
* bits decrease power in 1dB steps. 0x60 represents extra PA gain of
......@@ -799,11 +798,7 @@ at86rf212_set_txpower(struct ieee802154_dev *dev, int db)
db = -(db - 5);
rc = __at86rf230_write(lp, RG_PHY_TX_PWR, 0x60 | db);
if (rc)
return rc;
return 0;
return __at86rf230_write(lp, RG_PHY_TX_PWR, 0x60 | db);
static int
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