Commit 65e5341b authored by Chris Mason's avatar Chris Mason
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Btrfs: fix off by one while setting block groups readonly

When we read in block groups, we'll set non-redundant groups
readonly if we find a raid1, DUP or raid10 group.  But the
ro code has an off by one bug in the math around testing to
make sure out accounting doesn't go wrong.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Mason <>
parent 83a50de9
......@@ -7971,13 +7971,14 @@ static int set_block_group_ro(struct btrfs_block_group_cache *cache)
if (sinfo->bytes_used + sinfo->bytes_reserved + sinfo->bytes_pinned +
sinfo->bytes_may_use + sinfo->bytes_readonly +
cache->reserved_pinned + num_bytes < sinfo->total_bytes) {
cache->reserved_pinned + num_bytes <= sinfo->total_bytes) {
sinfo->bytes_readonly += num_bytes;
sinfo->bytes_reserved += cache->reserved_pinned;
cache->reserved_pinned = 0;
cache->ro = 1;
ret = 0;
return ret;
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