Commit 65c491d8 authored by Mark Fasheh's avatar Mark Fasheh
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ocfs2: move lockres qstr next to hlist_node structure

Gains us a bit of performance on loads which heavily hit the lockres hash.
Patch suggested by Daniel Phillips <>.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Fasheh <>
parent da206c9e
......@@ -216,6 +216,7 @@ struct dlm_lock_resource
/* WARNING: Please see the comment in dlm_init_lockres before
* adding fields here. */
struct hlist_node hash_node;
struct qstr lockname;
struct kref refs;
/* please keep these next 3 in this order
......@@ -238,7 +239,6 @@ struct dlm_lock_resource
wait_queue_head_t wq;
u8 owner; //node which owns the lock resource, or unknown
u16 state;
struct qstr lockname;
char lvb[DLM_LVB_LEN];
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