Commit 633e24ed authored by Reinette Chatre's avatar Reinette Chatre Committed by John W. Linville
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cfg80211/nl80211: remove usage of CONFIG_NL80211

The scan capability added to cfg80211/nl80211 introduced a
dependency on nl80211 by cfg80211. We can thus no longer have
just cfg80211 without nl80211. Specifically, cfg80211_scan_done()
calls nl80211_send_scan_aborted() or nl80211_send_scan_done().

Now we remove the option for user to select nl80211. It will always
be compiled if user selects cfg80211.
Signed-off-by: default avatarReinette Chatre <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent fa56dddd
......@@ -10,19 +10,6 @@ config CFG80211_REG_DEBUG
If unsure, say N.
config NL80211
bool "nl80211 new netlink interface support"
depends on CFG80211
default y
This option turns on the new netlink interface
(nl80211) support in cfg80211.
If =n, drivers using mac80211 will be configured via
wireless extension support provided by that subsystem.
If unsure, say Y.
bool "Old wireless static regulatory definitions"
default y
......@@ -5,8 +5,7 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_LIB80211_CRYPT_WEP) += lib80211_crypt_wep.o
obj-$(CONFIG_LIB80211_CRYPT_CCMP) += lib80211_crypt_ccmp.o
obj-$(CONFIG_LIB80211_CRYPT_TKIP) += lib80211_crypt_tkip.o
cfg80211-y += core.o sysfs.o radiotap.o util.o reg.o scan.o
cfg80211-y += core.o sysfs.o radiotap.o util.o reg.o scan.o nl80211.o
cfg80211-$(CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT) += wext-compat.o
cfg80211-$(CONFIG_NL80211) += nl80211.o
ccflags-y += -D__CHECK_ENDIAN__
......@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
#include "core.h"
#ifdef CONFIG_NL80211
extern int nl80211_init(void);
extern void nl80211_exit(void);
extern void nl80211_notify_dev_rename(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev);
......@@ -12,30 +11,5 @@ extern void nl80211_send_scan_done(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
extern void nl80211_send_scan_aborted(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
struct net_device *netdev);
extern void nl80211_send_reg_change_event(struct regulatory_request *request);
static inline int nl80211_init(void)
return 0;
static inline void nl80211_exit(void)
static inline void nl80211_notify_dev_rename(
struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev)
static inline void
nl80211_send_scan_done(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
struct net_device *netdev)
static inline void nl80211_send_scan_aborted(
struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
struct net_device *netdev)
static inline void
nl80211_send_reg_change_event(struct regulatory_request *request)
#endif /* CONFIG_NL80211 */
#endif /* __NET_WIRELESS_NL80211_H */
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