Commit 61fd330d authored by Martin Schwidefsky's avatar Martin Schwidefsky Committed by Martin Schwidefsky
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[S390] codepage conversion of kernel parameter line

Move the ebcdic to ascii conversion of the kernel parameter line from
head.S to early.c and convert the assembler code to C.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Schwidefsky <>
parent 34b9243a
......@@ -405,8 +405,19 @@ static void __init append_to_cmdline(size_t (*ipl_data)(char *, size_t))
static void __init setup_boot_command_line(void)
int i;
/* convert arch command line to ascii */
for (i = 0; i < ARCH_COMMAND_LINE_SIZE; i++)
if (COMMAND_LINE[i] & 0x80)
/* copy arch command line */
strlcpy(boot_command_line, COMMAND_LINE, ARCH_COMMAND_LINE_SIZE);
strlcpy(boot_command_line, strstrip(COMMAND_LINE),
/* append IPL PARM data to the boot command line */
......@@ -287,19 +287,7 @@ iplstart:
bz .Lagain1 # skip dateset trailer
la %r5,0(%r4,%r2)
lr %r3,%r2
tm 0(%r5),0x80 # high order bit set ?
bo .Ldocv # yes -> convert from EBCDIC
ahi %r5,-1
bct %r3,.Lidebc
b .Lnocv
l %r3,.Lcvtab
tr 0(256,%r4),0(%r3) # convert parameters to ascii
tr 256(256,%r4),0(%r3)
tr 512(256,%r4),0(%r3)
tr 768(122,%r4),0(%r3)
.Lnocv: la %r3,COMMAND_LINE-PARMAREA(%r12) # load adr. of command line
la %r3,COMMAND_LINE-PARMAREA(%r12) # load adr. of command line
mvc 0(256,%r3),0(%r4)
mvc 256(256,%r3),256(%r4)
mvc 512(256,%r3),512(%r4)
......@@ -383,7 +371,6 @@ iplstart:
.Linitrd:.long _end + 0x400000 # default address of initrd
.Lparm: .long PARMAREA
.Lstartup: .long startup
.Lcvtab:.long _ebcasc # ebcdic to ascii table
.Lreset:.byte 0xc3,0xc8,0xc1,0xd5,0xc7,0xc5,0x40,0xd9,0xc4,0xd9,0x40
.byte 0xc1,0xd3,0xd3,0x40,0xd2,0xc5,0xc5,0xd7,0x40,0xd5,0xd6
.byte 0xc8,0xd6,0xd3,0xc4 # "change rdr all keep nohold"
......@@ -416,13 +403,10 @@ start:
mvc 0(240,%r8),0(%r9) # copy iplparms into buffer
l %r10,.tbl # EBCDIC to ASCII table
tr 0(240,%r8),0(%r10)
slr %r0,%r0
j startup # continue with startup
.tbl: .long _ebcasc # translate table
.cmd: .long COMMAND_LINE # address of command line buffer
.parm: .long PARMAREA
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