Commit 5e4786f7 authored by Sam Ravnborg's avatar Sam Ravnborg

kbuild: add arch/$ARCH/include to search path

This patch conclude the support for


Note: The individual architectures will most likely require
      a few minor patches to support locating header files in

Testing shows that it worked out-of-the-box for sparc.
x86 required a few trivial changes in the arch
specific Makefile and a few include paths had to be adjusted.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSam Ravnborg <>
parent 2e57d051
......@@ -329,7 +329,8 @@ AFLAGS_KERNEL =
# Needed to be compatible with the O= option
LINUXINCLUDE := -Iinclude \
$(if $(KBUILD_SRC),-Iinclude2 -I$(srctree)/include) \
-include include/linux/autoconf.h
-I$(srctree)/arch/$(hdr-arch)/include \
-include include/linux/autoconf.h
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