Commit 5de0a567 authored by Jiri Slaby's avatar Jiri Slaby Committed by Greg Kroah-Hartman

TTY: deprecate linux/generic_serial.h

Since nobody in the kernel includes that file, let us remove the
structs visible to the kernel.

However since the userspace sees the file, it still may include that.
hence deprecate the use of the header by an added cpp #warning.

We should remove the file completely after a couple of years.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJiri Slaby <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Kroah-Hartman <>
parent 953756e2
......@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@
* Copyright (C) 1998
* written for the SX serial driver.
* Contains the code that should be shared over all the serial drivers.
* Version 0.1 -- December, 1998.
......@@ -12,45 +11,8 @@
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/tty.h>
struct real_driver {
void (*disable_tx_interrupts) (void *);
void (*enable_tx_interrupts) (void *);
void (*disable_rx_interrupts) (void *);
void (*enable_rx_interrupts) (void *);
void (*shutdown_port) (void*);
int (*set_real_termios) (void*);
int (*chars_in_buffer) (void*);
void (*close) (void*);
void (*hungup) (void*);
void (*getserial) (void*, struct serial_struct *sp);
struct gs_port {
int magic;
struct tty_port port;
unsigned char *xmit_buf;
int xmit_head;
int xmit_tail;
int xmit_cnt;
struct mutex port_write_mutex;
unsigned long event;
unsigned short closing_wait;
int close_delay;
struct real_driver *rd;
int wakeup_chars;
int baud_base;
int baud;
int custom_divisor;
spinlock_t driver_lock;
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
#warning Use of this header is deprecated.
#warning Since nobody sets the constants defined here for you, you should not, in any case, use them. Including the header is thus pointless.
/* Flags */
/* Warning: serial.h defines some ASYNC_ flags, they say they are "only"
......@@ -60,8 +22,6 @@ struct gs_port {
#define GS_RX_INTEN 0x00400000
#define GS_ACTIVE 0x00200000
#define GS_TYPE_NORMAL 1
#define GS_DEBUG_FLUSH 0x00000001
......@@ -72,24 +32,4 @@ struct gs_port {
#define GS_DEBUG_FLOW 0x00000020
#define GS_DEBUG_WRITE 0x00000040
#ifdef __KERNEL__
int gs_put_char(struct tty_struct *tty, unsigned char ch);
int gs_write(struct tty_struct *tty,
const unsigned char *buf, int count);
int gs_write_room(struct tty_struct *tty);
int gs_chars_in_buffer(struct tty_struct *tty);
void gs_flush_buffer(struct tty_struct *tty);
void gs_flush_chars(struct tty_struct *tty);
void gs_stop(struct tty_struct *tty);
void gs_start(struct tty_struct *tty);
void gs_hangup(struct tty_struct *tty);
int gs_block_til_ready(void *port, struct file *filp);
void gs_close(struct tty_struct *tty, struct file *filp);
void gs_set_termios (struct tty_struct * tty,
struct ktermios * old_termios);
int gs_init_port(struct gs_port *port);
int gs_setserial(struct gs_port *port, struct serial_struct __user *sp);
int gs_getserial(struct gs_port *port, struct serial_struct __user *sp);
void gs_got_break(struct gs_port *port);
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
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