Commit 5d0961fd authored by Boaz Harrosh's avatar Boaz Harrosh Committed by James Bottomley

[SCSI] libosd: Fix blk_put_request locking again

So libosd has decided to sacrifice some code simplicity for the sake of
a clean API. One of these things is the possibility for users to call
osd_end_request, in any condition at any state. This opens up some
problems with calling blk_put_request when out-side of the completion
callback but calling __blk_put_request when detecting a from-completion

The current hack was working just fine until exofs decided to operate on
all devices in parallel and wait for the sum of the requests, before
deallocating all osd-requests at once. There are two new possible cases
1. All request in a group are deallocated as part of the last request's
   async-done, request_queue is locked.
2. All request in a group where executed asynchronously, but
   de-allocation was delayed to after the async-done, in the context of
   another thread. Async execution but request_queue is not locked.

The solution I chose was to separate the deallocation of the osd_request
which has the information users need, from the deallocation of the
internal(2) requests which impose the locking problem. The internal
block-requests are freed unconditionally inside the async-done-callback,
when we know the queue is always locked. If at osd_end_request time we
still have a bock-request, then we know it did not come from within an
async-done-callback and we can call the regular blk_put_request.

The internal requests were used for carrying error information after
execution. This information is now copied to osd_request members for
later analysis by user code.

The external API and behaviour was unchanged, except now it really
supports what was previously advertised.
Reported-by: default avatarVineet Agarwal <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBoaz Harrosh <>
Cc: Stable Tree <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent aeab3fd7
......@@ -432,30 +432,23 @@ static void _osd_free_seg(struct osd_request *or __unused,
seg->alloc_size = 0;
static void _put_request(struct request *rq , bool is_async)
static void _put_request(struct request *rq)
if (is_async) {
__blk_put_request(rq->q, rq);
} else {
* If osd_finalize_request() was called but the request was not
* executed through the block layer, then we must release BIOs.
* TODO: Keep error code in or->async_error. Need to audit all
* code paths.
if (unlikely(rq->bio))
blk_end_request(rq, -ENOMEM, blk_rq_bytes(rq));
* If osd_finalize_request() was called but the request was not
* executed through the block layer, then we must release BIOs.
* TODO: Keep error code in or->async_error. Need to audit all
* code paths.
if (unlikely(rq->bio))
blk_end_request(rq, -ENOMEM, blk_rq_bytes(rq));
void osd_end_request(struct osd_request *or)
struct request *rq = or->request;
/* IMPORTANT: make sure this agrees with osd_execute_request_async */
bool is_async = (or->request->end_io_data == or);
_osd_free_seg(or, &or->set_attr);
_osd_free_seg(or, &or->enc_get_attr);
......@@ -463,20 +456,34 @@ void osd_end_request(struct osd_request *or)
if (rq) {
if (rq->next_rq) {
_put_request(rq->next_rq, is_async);
rq->next_rq = NULL;
_put_request(rq, is_async);
static void _set_error_resid(struct osd_request *or, struct request *req,
int error)
or->async_error = error;
or->req_errors = req->errors ? : error;
or->sense_len = req->sense_len;
if (or->out.req)
or->out.residual = or->out.req->resid_len;
if (or->in.req)
or->in.residual = or->in.req->resid_len;
int osd_execute_request(struct osd_request *or)
return or->async_error =
blk_execute_rq(or->request->q, NULL, or->request, 0);
int error = blk_execute_rq(or->request->q, NULL, or->request, 0);
_set_error_resid(or, or->request, error);
return error;
......@@ -484,15 +491,17 @@ static void osd_request_async_done(struct request *req, int error)
struct osd_request *or = req->end_io_data;
or->async_error = error;
if (unlikely(error)) {
OSD_DEBUG("osd_request_async_done error recieved %d "
"errors 0x%x\n", error, req->errors);
if (!req->errors) /* don't miss out on this one */
req->errors = error;
_set_error_resid(or, req, error);
if (req->next_rq) {
__blk_put_request(req->q, req->next_rq);
req->next_rq = NULL;
__blk_put_request(req->q, req);
or->request = NULL;
or->in.req = NULL;
or->out.req = NULL;
if (or->async_done)
or->async_done(or, or->async_private);
......@@ -1489,21 +1498,18 @@ int osd_req_decode_sense_full(struct osd_request *or,
int ret;
if (likely(!or->request->errors)) {
osi->out_resid = 0;
osi->in_resid = 0;
if (likely(!or->req_errors))
return 0;
osi = osi ? : &local_osi;
memset(osi, 0, sizeof(*osi));
ssdb = or->request->sense;
sense_len = or->request->sense_len;
ssdb = (typeof(ssdb))or->sense;
sense_len = or->sense_len;
if ((sense_len < (int)sizeof(*ssdb) || !ssdb->sense_key)) {
OSD_ERR("Block-layer returned error(0x%x) but "
"sense_len(%u) || key(%d) is empty\n",
or->request->errors, sense_len, ssdb->sense_key);
or->req_errors, sense_len, ssdb->sense_key);
goto analyze;
......@@ -1525,7 +1531,7 @@ int osd_req_decode_sense_full(struct osd_request *or,
"additional_code=0x%x async_error=%d errors=0x%x\n",
osi->key, original_sense_len, sense_len,
osi->additional_code, or->async_error,
if (original_sense_len < sense_len)
sense_len = original_sense_len;
......@@ -1695,10 +1701,10 @@ analyze:
ret = -EIO;
if (or->out.req)
osi->out_resid = or->out.req->resid_len ?: or->out.total_bytes;
if (or->in.req)
osi->in_resid = or->in.req->resid_len ?: or->in.total_bytes;
if (!or->out.residual)
or->out.residual = or->out.total_bytes;
if (!or->in.residual)
or->in.residual = or->in.total_bytes;
return ret;
......@@ -142,6 +142,7 @@ struct osd_request {
struct _osd_io_info {
struct bio *bio;
u64 total_bytes;
u64 residual;
struct request *req;
struct _osd_req_data_segment *last_seg;
u8 *pad_buff;
......@@ -150,12 +151,14 @@ struct osd_request {
gfp_t alloc_flags;
unsigned timeout;
unsigned retries;
unsigned sense_len;
u8 sense[OSD_MAX_SENSE_LEN];
enum osd_attributes_mode attributes_mode;
osd_req_done_fn *async_done;
void *async_private;
int async_error;
int req_errors;
static inline bool osd_req_is_ver1(struct osd_request *or)
......@@ -297,8 +300,6 @@ enum osd_err_priority {
struct osd_sense_info {
u64 out_resid; /* Zero on success otherwise out residual */
u64 in_resid; /* Zero on success otherwise in residual */
enum osd_err_priority osd_err_pri;
int key; /* one of enum scsi_sense_keys */
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