Commit 52aa63f5 authored by Hauke Mehrtens's avatar Hauke Mehrtens Committed by John W. Linville

ssb: add some missing sprom attributes

This patch extends the sprom struct to contain all sprom attributes
found in sprom version 1 to 9. This was done accordingly to the open
source part of the Broadcom SDK.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHauke Mehrtens <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent 03a5642b
......@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@ struct ssb_sprom {
u8 et0mdcport; /* MDIO for enet0 */
u8 et1mdcport; /* MDIO for enet1 */
u16 board_rev; /* Board revision number from SPROM. */
u16 board_num; /* Board number from SPROM. */
u16 board_type; /* Board type from SPROM. */
u8 country_code; /* Country Code */
char alpha2[2]; /* Country Code as two chars like EU or US */
u8 leddc_on_time; /* LED Powersave Duty Cycle On Count */
......@@ -107,7 +109,79 @@ struct ssb_sprom {
} ghz5;
} fem;
/* TODO - add any parameters needed from rev 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 SPROMs */
u16 mcs2gpo[8];
u16 mcs5gpo[8];
u16 mcs5glpo[8];
u16 mcs5ghpo[8];
u8 opo;
u8 rxgainerr2ga[3];
u8 rxgainerr5gla[3];
u8 rxgainerr5gma[3];
u8 rxgainerr5gha[3];
u8 rxgainerr5gua[3];
u8 noiselvl2ga[3];
u8 noiselvl5gla[3];
u8 noiselvl5gma[3];
u8 noiselvl5gha[3];
u8 noiselvl5gua[3];
u8 regrev;
u8 txchain;
u8 rxchain;
u8 antswitch;
u16 cddpo;
u16 stbcpo;
u16 bw40po;
u16 bwduppo;
u8 tempthresh;
u8 tempoffset;
u16 rawtempsense;
u8 measpower;
u8 tempsense_slope;
u8 tempcorrx;
u8 tempsense_option;
u8 freqoffset_corr;
u8 iqcal_swp_dis;
u8 hw_iqcal_en;
u8 elna2g;
u8 elna5g;
u8 phycal_tempdelta;
u8 temps_period;
u8 temps_hysteresis;
u8 measpower1;
u8 measpower2;
u8 pcieingress_war;
/* power per rate from sromrev 9 */
u16 cckbw202gpo;
u16 cckbw20ul2gpo;
u32 legofdmbw202gpo;
u32 legofdmbw20ul2gpo;
u32 legofdmbw205glpo;
u32 legofdmbw20ul5glpo;
u32 legofdmbw205gmpo;
u32 legofdmbw20ul5gmpo;
u32 legofdmbw205ghpo;
u32 legofdmbw20ul5ghpo;
u32 mcsbw202gpo;
u32 mcsbw20ul2gpo;
u32 mcsbw402gpo;
u32 mcsbw205glpo;
u32 mcsbw20ul5glpo;
u32 mcsbw405glpo;
u32 mcsbw205gmpo;
u32 mcsbw20ul5gmpo;
u32 mcsbw405gmpo;
u32 mcsbw205ghpo;
u32 mcsbw20ul5ghpo;
u32 mcsbw405ghpo;
u16 mcs32po;
u16 legofdm40duppo;
u8 sar2g;
u8 sar5g;
/* Information about the PCB the circuitry is soldered on. */
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