Commit 51f26593 authored by Florian Fainelli's avatar Florian Fainelli Committed by David S. Miller
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Documentation: devicetree: update dsa binding with optional properties

Add documentation for a bunch of new optional properties described in
ethernet.txt and fixed-link.txt, this includes: 'phy-handle', 'phy-mode'
and the 'fixed-link' subnode.

Signed-off-by: default avatarFlorian Fainelli <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 246d7f77
......@@ -39,6 +39,22 @@ Optionnal property:
This property is only used when switches are being
chained/cascaded together.
- phy-handle : Phandle to a PHY on an external MDIO bus, not the
switch internal one. See
for details.
- phy-mode : String representing the connection to the designated
PHY node specified by the 'phy-handle' property. See
for details.
Optional subnodes:
- fixed-link : Fixed-link subnode describing a link to a non-MDIO
managed entity. See
for details.
dsa@0 {
......@@ -58,6 +74,7 @@ Example:
port@0 {
reg = <0>;
label = "lan1";
phy-handle = <&phy0>;
port@1 {
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