Commit 4e5f97de authored by Stefan Brüns's avatar Stefan Brüns Committed by Alex Deucher

drm/radeon: Use only one line for whole DPCD debug output

Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Brüns <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Deucher <>
parent a624f429
......@@ -403,16 +403,18 @@ bool radeon_dp_getdpcd(struct radeon_connector *radeon_connector)
struct radeon_connector_atom_dig *dig_connector = radeon_connector->con_priv;
u8 msg[DP_DPCD_SIZE];
int ret, i;
int ret;
char dpcd_hex_dump[DP_DPCD_SIZE * 3];
ret = drm_dp_dpcd_read(&radeon_connector->ddc_bus->aux, DP_DPCD_REV, msg,
if (ret > 0) {
memcpy(dig_connector->dpcd, msg, DP_DPCD_SIZE);
for (i = 0; i < DP_DPCD_SIZE; i++)
DRM_DEBUG_KMS("%02x ", msg[i]);
hex_dump_to_buffer(dig_connector->dpcd, sizeof(dig_connector->dpcd),
32, 1, dpcd_hex_dump, sizeof(dpcd_hex_dump), false);
DRM_DEBUG_KMS("DPCD: %s\n", dpcd_hex_dump);
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