Commit 4d567d97 authored by Kalesh AP's avatar Kalesh AP Committed by David S. Miller
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be2net: remove unused code in be_cmd_vlan_config()

For putting interface into vlan promiscuous mode, we use be_cmd_rx_filter()
and not be_cmd_vlan_config(). So remove the "promiscuous" argument from
Signed-off-by: default avatarKalesh AP <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSathya Perla <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent f6cbd364
......@@ -1788,7 +1788,7 @@ err:
/* Uses sycnhronous mcc */
int be_cmd_vlan_config(struct be_adapter *adapter, u32 if_id, u16 *vtag_array,
u32 num, bool promiscuous)
u32 num)
struct be_mcc_wrb *wrb;
struct be_cmd_req_vlan_config *req;
......@@ -1808,16 +1808,12 @@ int be_cmd_vlan_config(struct be_adapter *adapter, u32 if_id, u16 *vtag_array,
wrb, NULL);
req->interface_id = if_id;
req->promiscuous = promiscuous;
req->untagged = BE_IF_FLAGS_UNTAGGED & be_if_cap_flags(adapter) ? 1 : 0;
req->num_vlan = num;
if (!promiscuous) {
memcpy(req->normal_vlan, vtag_array,
req->num_vlan * sizeof(vtag_array[0]));
memcpy(req->normal_vlan, vtag_array,
req->num_vlan * sizeof(vtag_array[0]));
status = be_mcc_notify_wait(adapter);
return status;
......@@ -2060,7 +2060,7 @@ int be_cmd_get_fw_ver(struct be_adapter *adapter, char *fw_ver,
char *fw_on_flash);
int be_cmd_modify_eqd(struct be_adapter *adapter, struct be_set_eqd *, int num);
int be_cmd_vlan_config(struct be_adapter *adapter, u32 if_id, u16 *vtag_array,
u32 num, bool promiscuous);
u32 num);
int be_cmd_rx_filter(struct be_adapter *adapter, u32 flags, u32 status);
int be_cmd_set_flow_control(struct be_adapter *adapter, u32 tx_fc, u32 rx_fc);
int be_cmd_get_flow_control(struct be_adapter *adapter, u32 *tx_fc, u32 *rx_fc);
......@@ -1108,8 +1108,7 @@ static int be_vid_config(struct be_adapter *adapter)
for_each_set_bit(i, adapter->vids, VLAN_N_VID)
vids[num++] = cpu_to_le16(i);
status = be_cmd_vlan_config(adapter, adapter->if_handle, vids, num, 0);
status = be_cmd_vlan_config(adapter, adapter->if_handle, vids, num);
if (status) {
/* Set to VLAN promisc mode as setting VLAN filter failed */
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