Commit 4d0e7016 authored by Marcin Nowakowski's avatar Marcin Nowakowski Committed by Daniel Lezcano

drivers/clocksource/pistachio: Fix memory corruption in init

Driver init code incorrectly uses the block base address and as a result
clears clocksource structure's fields instead of the hardware registers.

Commit 09a99820 ("timekeeping: Lift clocksource cacheline
restriction") has changed the offsets within pistachio_clocksource
structure and what has previously gone unnoticed now leads to a kernel
panic during boot.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarcin Nowakowski <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Lezcano <>
parent 699e36e5
......@@ -202,10 +202,10 @@ static int __init pistachio_clksrc_of_init(struct device_node *node)
rate = clk_get_rate(fast_clk);
/* Disable irq's for clocksource usage */
gpt_writel(&pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 0);
gpt_writel(&pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 1);
gpt_writel(&pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 2);
gpt_writel(&pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 3);
gpt_writel(pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 0);
gpt_writel(pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 1);
gpt_writel(pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 2);
gpt_writel(pcs_gpt.base, 0, TIMER_IRQ_MASK, 3);
/* Enable timer block */
writel(TIMER_ME_GLOBAL, pcs_gpt.base);
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