Commit 4c84d26c authored by David S. Miller's avatar David S. Miller
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sparc32: Remove sun4c tlb/vac insn patching from entry.S

No longer used.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent db41cf2d
......@@ -760,43 +760,6 @@ linux_trap_ipi15_sun4m:
#endif /* CONFIG_SMP */
.align 4
.globl invalid_segment_patch1_ff
.globl invalid_segment_patch2_ff
invalid_segment_patch1_ff: cmp %l4, 0xff
invalid_segment_patch2_ff: mov 0xff, %l3
.align 4
.globl invalid_segment_patch1_1ff
.globl invalid_segment_patch2_1ff
invalid_segment_patch1_1ff: cmp %l4, 0x1ff
invalid_segment_patch2_1ff: mov 0x1ff, %l3
.align 4
.globl num_context_patch1_16, num_context_patch2_16
num_context_patch1_16: mov 0x10, %l7
num_context_patch2_16: mov 0x10, %l7
.align 4
.globl vac_linesize_patch_32
vac_linesize_patch_32: subcc %l7, 32, %l7
.align 4
.globl vac_hwflush_patch1_on, vac_hwflush_patch2_on
* Ugly, but we can't use hardware flushing on the sun4 and we'd require
* two instructions (Anton)
vac_hwflush_patch1_on: addcc %l7, -PAGE_SIZE, %l7
vac_hwflush_patch2_on: sta %g0, [%l3 + %l7] ASI_HWFLUSHSEG
.globl invalid_segment_patch1, invalid_segment_patch2
.globl num_context_patch1
.globl vac_linesize_patch, vac_hwflush_patch1
.globl vac_hwflush_patch2
.align 4
.globl srmmu_fault
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