Commit 4be45fb4 authored by Mauro Carvalho Chehab's avatar Mauro Carvalho Chehab

[media] DocBook: document typedef dmx_section_cb at demux.h

The dvb/kdapi.tmpl has already an extensive documentation about
this callback. Now that we've added function typedefs at kernel-doc,
add such documentation at demux.h, for it to appear at device-drivers
Signed-off-by: default avatarMauro Carvalho Chehab <>
parent 0cf35e84
......@@ -256,11 +256,46 @@ typedef int (*dmx_ts_cb)(const u8 *buffer1,
size_t buffer2_length,
struct dmx_ts_feed *source);
* typedef dmx_section_cb - DVB demux TS filter callback function prototype
* @buffer1: Pointer to the start of the filtered section, e.g.
* within the circular buffer of the demux driver.
* @buffer1_len: Length of the filtered section data in @buffer1,
* including headers and CRC.
* @buffer2: Pointer to the tail of the filtered section data,
* or NULL. Useful to handle the wrapping of a
* circular buffer.
* @buffer2_len: Length of the filtered section data in @buffer2,
* including headers and CRC.
* @source: Indicates which section feed is the source of the
* callback.
* This function callback prototype, provided by the client of the demux API,
* is called from the demux code. The function is only called when
* filtering of sections has been enabled using the function
* &dmx_ts_feed.@start_filtering. When the demux driver has received a
* complete section that matches at least one section filter, the client
* is notified via this callback function. Normally this function is called
* for each received section; however, it is also possible to deliver
* multiple sections with one callback, for example when the system load
* is high. If an error occurs while receiving a section, this
* function should be called with the corresponding error type set in the
* success field, whether or not there is data to deliver. The Section Feed
* implementation should maintain a circular buffer for received sections.
* However, this is not necessary if the Section Feed API is implemented as
* a client of the TS Feed API, because the TS Feed implementation then
* buffers the received data. The size of the circular buffer can be
* configured using the &dmx_ts_feed.@set function in the Section Feed API.
* If there is no room in the circular buffer when a new section is received,
* the section must be discarded. If this happens, the value of the success
* parameter should be DMX_OVERRUN_ERROR on the next callback.
typedef int (*dmx_section_cb)(const u8 *buffer1,
size_t buffer1_len,
const u8 *buffer2,
size_t buffer2_len,
struct dmx_section_filter *source);
struct dmx_section_filter *source);
/* DVB Front-End */
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