Commit 4b3a89de authored by Hante Meuleman's avatar Hante Meuleman Committed by John W. Linville
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brcmfmac: Create netdev before returning from add_virtual_intf.

Currently netdev gets created possibly after returning from
add_virtual_intf. This is because add_if is handled asynch. This
is wrong and netdev should be up before returning.
Reviewed-by: default avatarArend Van Spriel <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarPieter-Paul Giesberts <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarPiotr Haber <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarHante Meuleman <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarArend van Spriel <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent dae3a273
......@@ -1591,7 +1591,11 @@ struct wireless_dev *brcmf_p2p_add_vif(struct wiphy *wiphy, const char *name,
strncpy(ifp->ndev->name, name, sizeof(ifp->ndev->name) - 1);
err = brcmf_net_attach(ifp, true);
if (err) {
brcmf_err("Registering netdevice failed\n");
goto fail;
cfg->p2p.bss_idx[P2PAPI_BSSCFG_CONNECTION].vif = vif;
/* Disable firmware roaming for P2P interface */
brcmf_fil_iovar_int_set(ifp, "roam_off", 1);
......@@ -4665,10 +4665,7 @@ static s32 brcmf_notify_vif_event(struct brcmf_if *ifp,
SET_NETDEV_DEV(ifp->ndev, wiphy_dev(cfg->wiphy));
/* waiting process need to set the netdev name */
return brcmf_net_attach(ifp, true);
return 0;
ifp->vif = NULL;
......@@ -4800,7 +4797,6 @@ static void wl_deinit_priv(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *cfg)
static void init_vif_event(struct brcmf_cfg80211_vif_event *event)
......@@ -5154,7 +5150,3 @@ int brcmf_cfg80211_wait_vif_event_timeout(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *cfg,
vif_event_equals(event, action), timeout);
void brcmf_cfg80211_vif_complete(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *cfg)
......@@ -337,7 +337,6 @@ struct brcmf_pno_scanresults_le {
struct brcmf_cfg80211_vif_event {
wait_queue_head_t vif_wq;
struct mutex vif_event_lock;
struct completion vif_complete;
u8 action;
struct brcmf_cfg80211_vif *vif;
......@@ -493,7 +492,6 @@ void brcmf_cfg80211_arm_vif_event(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *cfg,
bool brcmf_cfg80211_vif_event_armed(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *cfg);
int brcmf_cfg80211_wait_vif_event_timeout(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *cfg,
u8 action, ulong timeout);
void brcmf_cfg80211_vif_complete(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *info);
s32 brcmf_notify_escan_complete(struct brcmf_cfg80211_info *cfg,
struct net_device *ndev,
bool aborted, bool fw_abort);
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