Commit 44454bcd authored by Russell King's avatar Russell King Committed by Russell King
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[PATCH] Serial: Fix small CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS

If CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS is smaller than the array size in
asm/serial.h, we trampled on memory which wasn't ours.  Take our
big boots away by limiting the number of ports initialised to the
smaller of ...NR_UARTS and the array size.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRussell King <>
parent 9b4311ee
......@@ -2061,7 +2061,8 @@ static void __init serial8250_isa_init_ports(void)
up->port.ops = &serial8250_pops;
for (i = 0, up = serial8250_ports; i < ARRAY_SIZE(old_serial_port);
for (i = 0, up = serial8250_ports;
i < ARRAY_SIZE(old_serial_port) && i < UART_NR;
i++, up++) {
up->port.iobase = old_serial_port[i].port;
up->port.irq = irq_canonicalize(old_serial_port[i].irq);
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