Commit 42ca2030 authored by Charlie Jacobsen's avatar Charlie Jacobsen Committed by Vikram Narayanan

Updated lcd datatype, added new data types.

parent 2c3f1ba7
* Author: Charles Jacobsen <>
* Copyright: University of Utah
* An lcd_tcb (thread control block) is made up of:
* -- array of 8 machine registers
* -- unsigned int of how many machine registers
* to copy during a send/call
* -- array of 8 message registers
* -- unsigned int of how many message registers
* to copy during a send/call
* -- array of 8 outgoing cptr's
* -- array of 8 outgoing rights for outgoing cptr's
* -- unsigned int of how many outgoing cptr
* regs contain valid cptr's to grant to the
* receiver
* -- array of 8 incoming cptr's
* -- unsigned int of how many incoming cap's
* to receive (how many incoming cptr's
* are valid)
* Note 1: This differs from seL4. The `minting' of capabilities
* occurs *during* the ipc send/recv, rather than *before* with
* a separate system call. The microkernel confirms the sender
* has grant rights during the ipc, and only those sender caps
* that have grant rights are transferred; the rest are
* ignored. I did this because if the sender is expected to
* mint before sending, the microkernel would need to confirm
* that only minted caps are sent in the outgoing caps registers.
* (Or, as seL4 does, do a redundant grant rights check, as far
* as I understand seL4.)
* Note 2: The unsigned int's could be `coalesced' into one
* since only 3 bits are needed to record the highest valid
* register index
* An lcd_thread is made up of:
* -- a task_struct (corresponding to the scheduable
* thread on the host)
* -- an lcd_tcb
* -- (two fields for lists of lcd_threads)
* An lcd is made up of:
* -- a cspace
* -- a list of lcd_threads (that are inside
* the lcd)
#ifndef LCD_LCD_H
#define LCD_LCD_H
#define LCD_NUM_REGS 8
struct cspace;
typedef u64 cptr_t;
struct lcd_tcb {
unsigned int max_r;
unsigned int max_m;
int oc_rights[LCD_NUM_OUT_CAP_REGS];
unsigned int max_oc;
unsigned int max_ic;
struct lcd_thread {
struct *task_struct;
struct *lcd_tcb;
struct list_head threads;
struct list_head rvp_queue;
struct lcd {
* Not accessible in lcd
struct task_struct *parent;
u64 badge;
struct cspace *cspace;
struct list_head senders;
struct list_head receivers;
int making_call;
* Accessible in lcd
struct {
cptr_t boot_cptrs[LCD_NUM_BOOT_CPTRS];
u64 regs[LCD_NUM_REGS];
cptr_t out_cap_regs[LCD_NUM_OUT_CAP_REGS];
cptr_t in_cap_regs[LCD_NUM_IN_CAP_REGS];
u8 max_valid_reg_idx;
u8 max_valid_out_cap_reg_idx;
u8 max_valid_in_cap_reg_idx;
cptr_t call_endpoint_cap;
cptr_t reply_endpoint_cap;
} utcb;
struct list_head threads;
#endif /* LCD_LCD_H */
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