Commit 4166fb64 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge tag 'srpt-srq-type' of git://

Pull infiniband fix from Roland Dreier:
 "Add a fix for a bug hit by Alexey Shvetsov in ib_srtp that hits on
  non-mlx4 hardware."

* tag 'srpt-srq-type' of git://
  IB/srpt: Set srq_type to IB_SRQT_BASIC
parents e4757cab 6f360336
......@@ -3232,6 +3232,7 @@ static void srpt_add_one(struct ib_device *device)
srq_attr.attr.max_wr = sdev->srq_size;
srq_attr.attr.max_sge = 1;
srq_attr.attr.srq_limit = 0;
srq_attr.srq_type = IB_SRQT_BASIC;
sdev->srq = ib_create_srq(sdev->pd, &srq_attr);
if (IS_ERR(sdev->srq))
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