Commit 3ed1326d authored by Ilan Elias's avatar Ilan Elias Committed by John W. Linville
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NFC: Add endian annotations to nfcwilink driver

Add endian annotations to TI nfcwilink driver.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIlan Elias <>
Acked-by: default avatarSamuel Ortiz <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent c4bf98b2
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/nfc.h>
#include <net/nfc/nci.h>
#include <net/nfc/nci_core.h>
......@@ -42,9 +43,9 @@
#define NFCWILINK_REGISTER_TIMEOUT 8000 /* 8 sec */
struct nfcwilink_hdr {
u8 chnl;
u8 opcode;
u16 len;
__u8 chnl;
__u8 opcode;
__le16 len;
} __packed;
struct nfcwilink {
......@@ -212,7 +213,7 @@ static int nfcwilink_send(struct sk_buff *skb)
return -EBUSY;
/* add the ST hdr to the start of the buffer */
hdr.len = skb->len;
hdr.len = cpu_to_le16(skb->len);
memcpy(skb_push(skb, NFCWILINK_HDR_LEN), &hdr, NFCWILINK_HDR_LEN);
/* Insert skb to shared transport layer's transmit queue.
......@@ -239,7 +240,7 @@ static int nfcwilink_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
static struct nfcwilink *drv;
int rc;
u32 protocols;
__u32 protocols;
nfc_dev_dbg(&pdev->dev, "probe entry");
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