Commit 3c607bbb authored by Pavel Emelyanov's avatar Pavel Emelyanov Committed by David S. Miller
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[NEIGH]: Cleanup the neigh_sysctl_register

This mainly removes the err variable, as this call always
return the same error code (-ENOBUFS).

Besides, I moved the call to kmalloc() from the *t declaration
into the code (this is confusing when a variable is initialized
with the result of some call) and removed unneeded comment near
the error path.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPavel Emelyanov <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 1597fbc0
......@@ -2652,14 +2652,14 @@ int neigh_sysctl_register(struct net_device *dev, struct neigh_parms *p,
int p_id, int pdev_id, char *p_name,
proc_handler *handler, ctl_handler *strategy)
struct neigh_sysctl_table *t = kmemdup(&neigh_sysctl_template,
sizeof(*t), GFP_KERNEL);
struct neigh_sysctl_table *t;
const char *dev_name_source = NULL;
char *dev_name = NULL;
int err = 0;
t = kmemdup(&neigh_sysctl_template, sizeof(*t), GFP_KERNEL);
if (!t)
return -ENOBUFS;
goto err;
t->neigh_vars[0].data = &p->mcast_probes;
t->neigh_vars[1].data = &p->ucast_probes;
t->neigh_vars[2].data = &p->app_probes;
......@@ -2717,10 +2717,8 @@ int neigh_sysctl_register(struct net_device *dev, struct neigh_parms *p,
dev_name = kstrdup(dev_name_source, GFP_KERNEL);
if (!dev_name) {
err = -ENOBUFS;
if (!dev_name)
goto free;
t->neigh_dev[0].procname = dev_name;
......@@ -2735,20 +2733,18 @@ int neigh_sysctl_register(struct net_device *dev, struct neigh_parms *p,
t->neigh_root_dir[0].child = t->neigh_proto_dir;
t->sysctl_header = register_sysctl_table(t->neigh_root_dir);
if (!t->sysctl_header) {
err = -ENOBUFS;
if (!t->sysctl_header)
goto free_procname;
p->sysctl_table = t;
return 0;
/* error path */
return err;
return -ENOBUFS;
void neigh_sysctl_unregister(struct neigh_parms *p)
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