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Commit 3b126228 authored by Charles Jacobsen's avatar Charles Jacobsen Committed by Vikram Narayanan

I'm forgetting a lot I need to do still with lcd arch ...

parent dbc4e40c
......@@ -296,20 +296,28 @@ int lcd_arch_init(void);
void lcd_arch_exit(void);
* Creates the arch-dependent part of an LCD, and initializes
* the settings and most register values.
* Creates the arch-dependent part of an LCD (e.g., the ept).
struct lcd_arch *lcd_arch_create(void);
* Tears down arch-dep part of LCD. All lcd_arch_threads should be
* removed and torn down before calling this.
void lcd_arch_destroy(struct lcd_arch *lcd_arch);
* Create an lcd_arch_thread (basically a hardware vm) that will run
* inside the lcd_arch's guest physical address space (use the lcd_arch's ept).
struct lcd_arch_thread* lcd_arch_add_thread(struct lcd_arch *lcd_arch);
* Does logical consistency checks (e.g., runs through checks
* listed in Intel SDM V3 26.1, 26.2, and 26.3).
int lcd_arch_check(struct lcd_arch *vcpu);
int lcd_arch_check(struct lcd_arch *lcd_arch);
* Tears down arch-dep part of LCD. (If LCD is launched on
* some cpu, it will become inactive.)
* Tear down a lcd_arch_thread and remove it from its containing lcd_arch.
void lcd_arch_destroy(struct lcd_arch *vcpu);
void lcd_arch_destroy_thread(struct lcd_arch_thread *t);
* Runs the LCD on the calling cpu. (If the LCD is active on
* a different cpu, it will become inactive there.) Kernel
......@@ -410,6 +418,7 @@ int lcd_arch_set_pc(struct lcd_arch *vcpu, gva_t a);
int lcd_arch_set_gva_root(struct lcd_arch *vcpu, gpa_t a);
#if 0
* Accessor Macro for syscalls
* ===========================
......@@ -485,5 +494,6 @@ static inline void __lcd_arch_set_msg_reg(struct lcd_arch *vcpu,
vcpu->utcb->[idx] = val;
#endif /* _ASM_X86_LCD_DOMAINS_ARCH_H */
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