Commit 30f42292 authored by Johannes Berg's avatar Johannes Berg

mac80211: optimize ieee80211_rx_status struct layout

We waste a lot of space in this struct because it uses
int values where smaller ones would be sufficient. The
upcoming A-MPDU information needs some space, optimize
the struct now.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
parent d48b2968
......@@ -709,13 +709,13 @@ enum mac80211_rx_flags {
struct ieee80211_rx_status {
u64 mactime;
enum ieee80211_band band;
int freq;
int signal;
int antenna;
int rate_idx;
int flag;
unsigned int rx_flags;
u16 flag;
u16 freq;
u8 rate_idx;
u8 rx_flags;
u8 band;
u8 antenna;
s8 signal;
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