Commit 28e0fa89 authored by Dave Kleikamp's avatar Dave Kleikamp
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jfs: Update agstart when resizing volume

A comment indicates that the IAG's agstart does not need to be updated
since it will always point to a block in the same aggregate group, but
jfs_fsck isn't so forgiving and reports it as an error.

I'm fixing this in jfsutils as well, so either a new kernel or new
utilities will be sufficient to fix the problem.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Kleikamp <>
parent 206b6310
......@@ -2921,10 +2921,9 @@ int diExtendFS(struct inode *ipimap, struct inode *ipbmap)
/* agstart that computes to the same ag is treated as same; */
agstart = le64_to_cpu(iagp->agstart);
/* iagp->agstart = agstart & ~(mp->db_agsize - 1); */
n = agstart >> mp->db_agl2size;
iagp->agstart = cpu_to_le64((s64)n << mp->db_agl2size);
/* compute backed inodes */
numinos = (EXTSPERIAG - le32_to_cpu(iagp->nfreeexts))
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