Commit 27ae4d43 authored by Daniel Walker's avatar Daniel Walker Committed by David S. Miller
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prism54: remove questionable down_interruptible usage

Reviewing the semaphore usage I noticed these down_interruptible calls.  Most
of these aren't returning anything, so a caller can't tell if the operation
completed or not.  prism54_wpa_bss_ie_get() returns zero, but it's treated as
the function failing which doesn't seem correct.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Walker <>
Cc: Michael Wu <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent 772353d8
......@@ -165,8 +165,7 @@ prism54_update_stats(struct work_struct *work)
struct obj_bss bss, *bss2;
union oid_res_t r;
if (down_interruptible(&priv->stats_sem))
/* Noise floor.
* I'm not sure if the unit is dBm.
......@@ -1793,8 +1792,7 @@ prism54_clear_mac(struct islpci_acl *acl)
struct list_head *ptr, *next;
struct mac_entry *entry;
if (down_interruptible(&acl->sem))
if (acl->size == 0) {
......@@ -2116,8 +2114,7 @@ prism54_wpa_bss_ie_add(islpci_private *priv, u8 *bssid,
if (wpa_ie_len > MAX_WPA_IE_LEN)
wpa_ie_len = MAX_WPA_IE_LEN;
if (down_interruptible(&priv->wpa_sem))
/* try to use existing entry */
list_for_each(ptr, &priv->bss_wpa_list) {
......@@ -2178,8 +2175,7 @@ prism54_wpa_bss_ie_get(islpci_private *priv, u8 *bssid, u8 *wpa_ie)
struct islpci_bss_wpa_ie *bss = NULL;
size_t len = 0;
if (down_interruptible(&priv->wpa_sem))
return 0;
list_for_each(ptr, &priv->bss_wpa_list) {
bss = list_entry(ptr, struct islpci_bss_wpa_ie, list);
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