Commit 2410a51f authored by Anton Burtsev's avatar Anton Burtsev Committed by Vikram Narayanan
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BUG() test crashes an LCD, prints correct registers

parent 22c477ab
* Simple LCD load test. This just spins in an infinite loop, so
* whoever boots this code should make sure they kill it after
* so much time.
* LCD BUG() and oops test. This LCD crashes to generate a
* kernel oops.
* IMPORTANT: This code *does not* expect to be booted so that
* it can use kmalloc, page alloc, etc.
* IMPORTANT: This module should be compiled without
* optimizations (see Makefile in this directory).
* Otherwise, the loop in foo will be optimized away and
* we won't fully test the code.
* You may want to inspect the .ko before running with
* objdump -d.
......@@ -23,6 +17,8 @@
* .ko elf file with readelf -a.
#include <linux/jiffies.h>
#include <lcd-domains/liblcd-config.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
......@@ -32,23 +28,47 @@
#include <lcd-domains/liblcd-hacks.h>
static int foo(int x)
while (1)
x = 2;
return x + 5;
static int __noreturn __init test_init(void)
int r;
register long rax asm ("rax");
register long rbx asm ("rbx");
register long rcx asm ("rcx");
register long rdx asm ("rdx");
register long rdi asm ("rdi");
register long rsi asm ("rsi");
register long r8 asm ("r8");
register long r9 asm ("r9");
register long r10 asm ("r10");
register long r11 asm ("r11");
register long r12 asm ("r12");
register long r13 asm ("r13");
register long r14 asm ("r14");
register long r15 asm ("r15");
r = lcd_enter();
if (r)
goto fail1;
r = foo(10); /* never returns */
rax = 1;
rbx = 2;
rcx = 3;
rdx = 4;
rsi = 5;
rdi = 6;
r8 = 7;
r9 = 8;
r10 = 9;
r11 = 0xa;
r12 = 0xb;
r13 = 0xc;
r14 = 0xd;
r15 = 0xe;
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