Commit 21c8f915 authored by Corey Minyard's avatar Corey Minyard
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ipmi_ssif: Fix logic around alert handling

There was a mistake in the logic, if an alert came in very quickly
it would hang the driver.
Signed-off-by: default avatarCorey Minyard <>
parent 9dffdb38
......@@ -920,23 +920,18 @@ static void msg_written_handler(struct ssif_info *ssif_info, int result,
msg_done_handler(ssif_info, -EIO, NULL, 0);
} else {
/* Ready to request the result. */
unsigned long oflags, *flags;
bool got_alert;
ssif_inc_stat(ssif_info, sent_messages);
ssif_inc_stat(ssif_info, sent_messages_parts);
flags = ipmi_ssif_lock_cond(ssif_info, &oflags);
got_alert = ssif_info->got_alert;
if (got_alert) {
if (ssif_info->got_alert) {
/* The result is already ready, just start it. */
ssif_info->got_alert = false;
ssif_info->waiting_alert = false;
if (got_alert) {
ipmi_ssif_unlock_cond(ssif_info, flags);
/* The alert already happened, try now. */
retry_timeout((unsigned long) ssif_info);
} else {
/* Wait a jiffie then request the next message */
ssif_info->waiting_alert = true;
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