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Starting readme. Still getting weird delayed crash.

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This is a simple prototype (with a small test) for the LCD architecture. It
consists of:
[ 1 ] an API module (in api dir) that implements a simplified capability
subsystem and ipc subsystem
[ 2 ] a `library' module (in liblcd dir) that is intended to contain
high-level routines that lcd's can call directly into that carry
out low-level tasks (for now, it just contains a simple implementation
of a data store, more below).
[ 3 ] a group of 4 test modules (in test dir)
Building and Running
In the kernel menuconfig, under the drivers submenu, select
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -137,6 +137,10 @@ int customer_start(void)
LCD_ERR("customer init");
return -1;
* Call customer exit
* Now tear down
......@@ -147,6 +151,8 @@ int customer_start(void)
return ret;
LCD_MSG("customer idl done");
return 0;
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