Commit 1e6bea65 authored by Vikram Narayanan's avatar Vikram Narayanan
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Update submodules to the latest versions

Also update the default branch on .gitmodules
parent 4c8587d8
[submodule "lcd-domains/libcap"]
path = lcd-domains/libcap
url =
branch = lcd
[submodule "lcd-domains/libasync"]
path = lcd-domains/libasync
url =
branch = one_slot
Subproject commit 58432a5225b4c53bc670f92895a1926d93110083
Subproject commit 02123f67160fc6411b6a4cac87c68750535bdbf4
Subproject commit 56deb16191e604464c1cafd07cecdce95d3e97c5
Subproject commit 159735805b250993062dea3deab1cc3ae03b4be6
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