Commit 186e4e89 authored by Azael Avalos's avatar Azael Avalos Committed by Matthew Garrett
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platform/x86: Enable build support for toshiba_haps

Makefile and Kconfig build support patch for the newly introduced
kernel module toshiba_haps.

Signed-off-by: default avatarAzael Avalos <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Garrett <>
parent f369aa6d
......@@ -652,6 +652,25 @@ config TOSHIBA_BT_RFKILL
If you have a modern Toshiba laptop with a Bluetooth and an
RFKill switch (such as the Portege R500), say Y.
tristate "Toshiba HDD Active Protection Sensor"
depends on ACPI
This driver adds support for the built-in accelerometer
found on recent Toshiba laptops equiped with HID TOS620A
This driver receives ACPI notify events 0x80 when the sensor
detects a sudden move or a harsh vibration, as well as an
ACPI notify event 0x81 whenever the movement or vibration has
been stabilized.
Also provides sysfs entries to get/set the desired protection
level and reseting the HDD protection interface.
If you have a recent Toshiba laptop with a built-in accelerometer
device, say Y.
config ACPI_CMPC
tristate "CMPC Laptop Extras"
depends on X86 && ACPI
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_TOPSTAR_LAPTOP) += topstar-laptop.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ACPI_TOSHIBA) += toshiba_acpi.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TOSHIBA_BT_RFKILL) += toshiba_bluetooth.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TOSHIBA_HAPS) += toshiba_haps.o
obj-$(CONFIG_INTEL_SCU_IPC) += intel_scu_ipc.o
obj-$(CONFIG_INTEL_SCU_IPC_UTIL) += intel_scu_ipcutil.o
obj-$(CONFIG_INTEL_MFLD_THERMAL) += intel_mid_thermal.o
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