Commit 12ddae33 authored by Greg Ungerer's avatar Greg Ungerer Committed by Linus Torvalds
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[PATCH] m68knommu: use configurable RAM setup in start up code

Change to using a configurable RAM setup in startup code. This cleans up
the whole RAM base/sizing issue, and removes a lot of board specific code.

Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Ungerer <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 73e2fba8
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
* head.S -- common startup code for ColdFire CPUs.
* (C) Copyright 1999-2004, Greg Ungerer (
* (C) Copyright 1999-2006, Greg Ungerer <>.
......@@ -19,47 +19,15 @@
* Define fixed memory sizes. Configuration of a fixed memory size
* overrides everything else. If the user defined a size we just
* blindly use it (they know what they are doing right :-)
#if defined(CONFIG_RAM32MB)
#define MEM_SIZE 0x02000000 /* memory size 32Mb */
#elif defined(CONFIG_RAM16MB)
#define MEM_SIZE 0x01000000 /* memory size 16Mb */
#elif defined(CONFIG_RAM8MB)
#define MEM_SIZE 0x00800000 /* memory size 8Mb */
#elif defined(CONFIG_RAM4MB)
#define MEM_SIZE 0x00400000 /* memory size 4Mb */
#elif defined(CONFIG_RAM1MB)
#define MEM_SIZE 0x00100000 /* memory size 1Mb */
* Memory size exceptions for special cases. Some boards may be set
* for auto memory sizing, but we can't do it that way for some reason.
* For example the 5206eLITE board has static RAM, and auto-detecting
* the SDRAM will do you no good at all. Same goes for the MOD5272.
#if defined(CONFIG_M5206eLITE)
#define MEM_SIZE 0x00100000 /* 1MiB default memory */
#if defined(CONFIG_MOD5272)
#define MEM_SIZE 0x00800000 /* 8MiB default memory */
#endif /* CONFIG_RAMAUTO */
* If we don't have a fixed memory size now, then lets build in code
* If we don't have a fixed memory size, then lets build in code
* to auto detect the DRAM size. Obviously this is the prefered
* method, and should work for most boards (it won't work for those
* that do not have their RAM starting at address 0).
* method, and should work for most boards. It won't work for those
* that do not have their RAM starting at address 0, and it only
* works on SDRAM (not boards fitted with SRAM).
#if defined(MEM_SIZE)
movel #MEM_SIZE,%d0 /* hard coded memory size */
movel #CONFIG_RAMSIZE,%d0 /* hard coded memory size */
#elif defined(CONFIG_M5206) || defined(CONFIG_M5206e) || \
......@@ -98,37 +66,7 @@
#error "ERROR: I don't know how to determine your boards memory size?"
* Most ColdFire boards have their DRAM starting at address 0.
* Notable exception is the 5206eLITE board, another is the MOD5272.
#if defined(CONFIG_M5206eLITE)
#define MEM_BASE 0x30000000
#if defined(CONFIG_MOD5272)
#define MEM_BASE 0x02000000
#define VBR_BASE 0x20000000 /* vectors in SRAM */
#if defined(CONFIG_M5208EVB)
#define MEM_BASE 0x40000000
#ifndef MEM_BASE
#define MEM_BASE 0x00000000 /* memory base at address 0 */
* The default location for the vectors is at the base of RAM.
* Some boards might like to use internal SRAM or something like
* that. If no board specific header defines an alternative then
* use the base of RAM.
#ifndef VBR_BASE
#define VBR_BASE MEM_BASE /* vector address */
#error "ERROR: I don't know how to probe your boards memory size?"
......@@ -191,11 +129,11 @@ _start:
* Create basic memory configuration. Set VBR accordingly,
* and size memory.
movel #VBR_BASE,%a7
movec %a7,%VBR /* set vectors addr */
movel %a7,_ramvec
movel #MEM_BASE,%a7 /* mark the base of RAM */
movel #CONFIG_RAMBASE,%a7 /* mark the base of RAM */
movel %a7,_rambase
GET_MEM_SIZE /* macro code determines size */
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