Commit 11294235 authored by Amerigo Wang's avatar Amerigo Wang Committed by Sam Ravnborg

kbuild: finally remove the obsolete variable $TOPDIR

TOPDIR is obsolete, it can be finally removed now.
Signed-off-by: default avatarWANG Cong <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSam Ravnborg <>
parent c512d254
......@@ -140,15 +140,13 @@ _all: modules
srctree := $(if $(KBUILD_SRC),$(KBUILD_SRC),$(CURDIR))
TOPDIR := $(srctree)
# FIXME - TOPDIR is obsolete, use srctree/objtree
objtree := $(CURDIR)
src := $(srctree)
obj := $(objtree)
VPATH := $(srctree)$(if $(KBUILD_EXTMOD),:$(KBUILD_EXTMOD))
export srctree objtree VPATH TOPDIR
export srctree objtree VPATH
# SUBARCH tells the usermode build what the underlying arch is. That is set
EXTRA_CFLAGS += -I$(TOPDIR)/drivers/net/cxgb3
EXTRA_CFLAGS += -I$(srctree)/drivers/net/cxgb3
cxgb3i-y := cxgb3i_init.o cxgb3i_iscsi.o cxgb3i_pdu.o cxgb3i_offload.o cxgb3i_ddp.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_CXGB3_ISCSI) += cxgb3i.o
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