Commit 107c3a73 authored by Al Viro's avatar Al Viro Committed by Linus Torvalds
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[PATCH] endianness annotations in s2io

Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 44aa5359
......@@ -116,179 +116,179 @@ typedef struct {
/* The statistics block of Xena */
typedef struct stat_block {
/* Tx MAC statistics counters. */
u32 tmac_data_octets;
u32 tmac_frms;
u64 tmac_drop_frms;
u32 tmac_bcst_frms;
u32 tmac_mcst_frms;
u64 tmac_pause_ctrl_frms;
u32 tmac_ucst_frms;
u32 tmac_ttl_octets;
u32 tmac_any_err_frms;
u32 tmac_nucst_frms;
u64 tmac_ttl_less_fb_octets;
u64 tmac_vld_ip_octets;
u32 tmac_drop_ip;
u32 tmac_vld_ip;
u32 tmac_rst_tcp;
u32 tmac_icmp;
u64 tmac_tcp;
u32 reserved_0;
u32 tmac_udp;
__le32 tmac_data_octets;
__le32 tmac_frms;
__le64 tmac_drop_frms;
__le32 tmac_bcst_frms;
__le32 tmac_mcst_frms;
__le64 tmac_pause_ctrl_frms;
__le32 tmac_ucst_frms;
__le32 tmac_ttl_octets;
__le32 tmac_any_err_frms;
__le32 tmac_nucst_frms;
__le64 tmac_ttl_less_fb_octets;
__le64 tmac_vld_ip_octets;
__le32 tmac_drop_ip;
__le32 tmac_vld_ip;
__le32 tmac_rst_tcp;
__le32 tmac_icmp;
__le64 tmac_tcp;
__le32 reserved_0;
__le32 tmac_udp;
/* Rx MAC Statistics counters. */
u32 rmac_data_octets;
u32 rmac_vld_frms;
u64 rmac_fcs_err_frms;
u64 rmac_drop_frms;
u32 rmac_vld_bcst_frms;
u32 rmac_vld_mcst_frms;
u32 rmac_out_rng_len_err_frms;
u32 rmac_in_rng_len_err_frms;
u64 rmac_long_frms;
u64 rmac_pause_ctrl_frms;
u64 rmac_unsup_ctrl_frms;
u32 rmac_accepted_ucst_frms;
u32 rmac_ttl_octets;
u32 rmac_discarded_frms;
u32 rmac_accepted_nucst_frms;
u32 reserved_1;
u32 rmac_drop_events;
u64 rmac_ttl_less_fb_octets;
u64 rmac_ttl_frms;
u64 reserved_2;
u32 rmac_usized_frms;
u32 reserved_3;
u32 rmac_frag_frms;
u32 rmac_osized_frms;
u32 reserved_4;
u32 rmac_jabber_frms;
u64 rmac_ttl_64_frms;
u64 rmac_ttl_65_127_frms;
u64 reserved_5;
u64 rmac_ttl_128_255_frms;
u64 rmac_ttl_256_511_frms;
u64 reserved_6;
u64 rmac_ttl_512_1023_frms;
u64 rmac_ttl_1024_1518_frms;
u32 rmac_ip;
u32 reserved_7;
u64 rmac_ip_octets;
u32 rmac_drop_ip;
u32 rmac_hdr_err_ip;
u32 reserved_8;
u32 rmac_icmp;
u64 rmac_tcp;
u32 rmac_err_drp_udp;
u32 rmac_udp;
u64 rmac_xgmii_err_sym;
u64 rmac_frms_q0;
u64 rmac_frms_q1;
u64 rmac_frms_q2;
u64 rmac_frms_q3;
u64 rmac_frms_q4;
u64 rmac_frms_q5;
u64 rmac_frms_q6;
u64 rmac_frms_q7;
u16 rmac_full_q3;
u16 rmac_full_q2;
u16 rmac_full_q1;
u16 rmac_full_q0;
u16 rmac_full_q7;
u16 rmac_full_q6;
u16 rmac_full_q5;
u16 rmac_full_q4;
u32 reserved_9;
u32 rmac_pause_cnt;
u64 rmac_xgmii_data_err_cnt;
u64 rmac_xgmii_ctrl_err_cnt;
u32 rmac_err_tcp;
u32 rmac_accepted_ip;
__le32 rmac_data_octets;
__le32 rmac_vld_frms;
__le64 rmac_fcs_err_frms;
__le64 rmac_drop_frms;
__le32 rmac_vld_bcst_frms;
__le32 rmac_vld_mcst_frms;
__le32 rmac_out_rng_len_err_frms;
__le32 rmac_in_rng_len_err_frms;
__le64 rmac_long_frms;
__le64 rmac_pause_ctrl_frms;
__le64 rmac_unsup_ctrl_frms;
__le32 rmac_accepted_ucst_frms;
__le32 rmac_ttl_octets;
__le32 rmac_discarded_frms;
__le32 rmac_accepted_nucst_frms;
__le32 reserved_1;
__le32 rmac_drop_events;
__le64 rmac_ttl_less_fb_octets;
__le64 rmac_ttl_frms;
__le64 reserved_2;
__le32 rmac_usized_frms;
__le32 reserved_3;
__le32 rmac_frag_frms;
__le32 rmac_osized_frms;
__le32 reserved_4;
__le32 rmac_jabber_frms;
__le64 rmac_ttl_64_frms;
__le64 rmac_ttl_65_127_frms;
__le64 reserved_5;
__le64 rmac_ttl_128_255_frms;
__le64 rmac_ttl_256_511_frms;
__le64 reserved_6;
__le64 rmac_ttl_512_1023_frms;
__le64 rmac_ttl_1024_1518_frms;
__le32 rmac_ip;
__le32 reserved_7;
__le64 rmac_ip_octets;
__le32 rmac_drop_ip;
__le32 rmac_hdr_err_ip;
__le32 reserved_8;
__le32 rmac_icmp;
__le64 rmac_tcp;
__le32 rmac_err_drp_udp;
__le32 rmac_udp;
__le64 rmac_xgmii_err_sym;
__le64 rmac_frms_q0;
__le64 rmac_frms_q1;
__le64 rmac_frms_q2;
__le64 rmac_frms_q3;
__le64 rmac_frms_q4;
__le64 rmac_frms_q5;
__le64 rmac_frms_q6;
__le64 rmac_frms_q7;
__le16 rmac_full_q3;
__le16 rmac_full_q2;
__le16 rmac_full_q1;
__le16 rmac_full_q0;
__le16 rmac_full_q7;
__le16 rmac_full_q6;
__le16 rmac_full_q5;
__le16 rmac_full_q4;
__le32 reserved_9;
__le32 rmac_pause_cnt;
__le64 rmac_xgmii_data_err_cnt;
__le64 rmac_xgmii_ctrl_err_cnt;
__le32 rmac_err_tcp;
__le32 rmac_accepted_ip;
/* PCI/PCI-X Read transaction statistics. */
u32 new_rd_req_cnt;
u32 rd_req_cnt;
u32 rd_rtry_cnt;
u32 new_rd_req_rtry_cnt;
__le32 new_rd_req_cnt;
__le32 rd_req_cnt;
__le32 rd_rtry_cnt;
__le32 new_rd_req_rtry_cnt;
/* PCI/PCI-X Write/Read transaction statistics. */
u32 wr_req_cnt;
u32 wr_rtry_rd_ack_cnt;
u32 new_wr_req_rtry_cnt;
u32 new_wr_req_cnt;
u32 wr_disc_cnt;
u32 wr_rtry_cnt;
__le32 wr_req_cnt;
__le32 wr_rtry_rd_ack_cnt;
__le32 new_wr_req_rtry_cnt;
__le32 new_wr_req_cnt;
__le32 wr_disc_cnt;
__le32 wr_rtry_cnt;
/* PCI/PCI-X Write / DMA Transaction statistics. */
u32 txp_wr_cnt;
u32 rd_rtry_wr_ack_cnt;
u32 txd_wr_cnt;
u32 txd_rd_cnt;
u32 rxd_wr_cnt;
u32 rxd_rd_cnt;
u32 rxf_wr_cnt;
u32 txf_rd_cnt;
__le32 txp_wr_cnt;
__le32 rd_rtry_wr_ack_cnt;
__le32 txd_wr_cnt;
__le32 txd_rd_cnt;
__le32 rxd_wr_cnt;
__le32 rxd_rd_cnt;
__le32 rxf_wr_cnt;
__le32 txf_rd_cnt;
/* Tx MAC statistics overflow counters. */
u32 tmac_data_octets_oflow;
u32 tmac_frms_oflow;
u32 tmac_bcst_frms_oflow;
u32 tmac_mcst_frms_oflow;
u32 tmac_ucst_frms_oflow;
u32 tmac_ttl_octets_oflow;
u32 tmac_any_err_frms_oflow;
u32 tmac_nucst_frms_oflow;
u64 tmac_vlan_frms;
u32 tmac_drop_ip_oflow;
u32 tmac_vld_ip_oflow;
u32 tmac_rst_tcp_oflow;
u32 tmac_icmp_oflow;
u32 tpa_unknown_protocol;
u32 tmac_udp_oflow;
u32 reserved_10;
u32 tpa_parse_failure;
__le32 tmac_data_octets_oflow;
__le32 tmac_frms_oflow;
__le32 tmac_bcst_frms_oflow;
__le32 tmac_mcst_frms_oflow;
__le32 tmac_ucst_frms_oflow;
__le32 tmac_ttl_octets_oflow;
__le32 tmac_any_err_frms_oflow;
__le32 tmac_nucst_frms_oflow;
__le64 tmac_vlan_frms;
__le32 tmac_drop_ip_oflow;
__le32 tmac_vld_ip_oflow;
__le32 tmac_rst_tcp_oflow;
__le32 tmac_icmp_oflow;
__le32 tpa_unknown_protocol;
__le32 tmac_udp_oflow;
__le32 reserved_10;
__le32 tpa_parse_failure;
/* Rx MAC Statistics overflow counters. */
u32 rmac_data_octets_oflow;
u32 rmac_vld_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_vld_bcst_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_vld_mcst_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_accepted_ucst_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_ttl_octets_oflow;
u32 rmac_discarded_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_accepted_nucst_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_usized_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_drop_events_oflow;
u32 rmac_frag_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_osized_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_ip_oflow;
u32 rmac_jabber_frms_oflow;
u32 rmac_icmp_oflow;
u32 rmac_drop_ip_oflow;
u32 rmac_err_drp_udp_oflow;
u32 rmac_udp_oflow;
u32 reserved_11;
u32 rmac_pause_cnt_oflow;
u64 rmac_ttl_1519_4095_frms;
u64 rmac_ttl_4096_8191_frms;
u64 rmac_ttl_8192_max_frms;
u64 rmac_ttl_gt_max_frms;
u64 rmac_osized_alt_frms;
u64 rmac_jabber_alt_frms;
u64 rmac_gt_max_alt_frms;
u64 rmac_vlan_frms;
u32 rmac_len_discard;
u32 rmac_fcs_discard;
u32 rmac_pf_discard;
u32 rmac_da_discard;
u32 rmac_red_discard;
u32 rmac_rts_discard;
u32 reserved_12;
u32 rmac_ingm_full_discard;
u32 reserved_13;
u32 rmac_accepted_ip_oflow;
u32 reserved_14;
u32 link_fault_cnt;
__le32 rmac_data_octets_oflow;
__le32 rmac_vld_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_vld_bcst_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_vld_mcst_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_accepted_ucst_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_ttl_octets_oflow;
__le32 rmac_discarded_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_accepted_nucst_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_usized_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_drop_events_oflow;
__le32 rmac_frag_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_osized_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_ip_oflow;
__le32 rmac_jabber_frms_oflow;
__le32 rmac_icmp_oflow;
__le32 rmac_drop_ip_oflow;
__le32 rmac_err_drp_udp_oflow;
__le32 rmac_udp_oflow;
__le32 reserved_11;
__le32 rmac_pause_cnt_oflow;
__le64 rmac_ttl_1519_4095_frms;
__le64 rmac_ttl_4096_8191_frms;
__le64 rmac_ttl_8192_max_frms;
__le64 rmac_ttl_gt_max_frms;
__le64 rmac_osized_alt_frms;
__le64 rmac_jabber_alt_frms;
__le64 rmac_gt_max_alt_frms;
__le64 rmac_vlan_frms;
__le32 rmac_len_discard;
__le32 rmac_fcs_discard;
__le32 rmac_pf_discard;
__le32 rmac_da_discard;
__le32 rmac_red_discard;
__le32 rmac_rts_discard;
__le32 reserved_12;
__le32 rmac_ingm_full_discard;
__le32 reserved_13;
__le32 rmac_accepted_ip_oflow;
__le32 reserved_14;
__le32 link_fault_cnt;
u8 buffer[20];
swStat_t sw_stat;
xpakStat_t xpak_stat;
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