Commit 1031bfb9 authored by Roland Dreier's avatar Roland Dreier
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RDMA/amso1100: Fix build with debugging off

Since pr_debug() has changed from a macro to an inline function when
DEBUG is not defined, its arguments now need to be defined even when
debugging is off.  Therefore to_event_str() and to_qp_state_str() need
to be moved out of #ifdef DEBUG.  The compiler will throw the
definitions away if DEBUG is not defined, but it needs to be able to
see that the functions exist.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRoland Dreier <>
parent 82a9c16a
......@@ -66,7 +66,6 @@ static int c2_convert_cm_status(u32 c2_status)
#ifdef DEBUG
static const char* to_event_str(int event)
static const char* event_str[] = {
......@@ -144,7 +143,6 @@ static const char *to_qp_state_str(int state)
return "<invalid QP state>";
void c2_ae_event(struct c2_dev *c2dev, u32 mq_index)
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