Commit 0de57d99 authored by Luis R. Rodriguez's avatar Luis R. Rodriguez Committed by John W. Linville

ath9k: remove ath9k_hw_check_chan()

The only check we care about in ath9k_hw_check_chan() is
the internal regulatory check so use that.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLuis R. Rodriguez <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent 4febf7b8
......@@ -1666,30 +1666,6 @@ static bool ath9k_hw_chip_reset(struct ath_hal *ah,
return true;
static struct ath9k_channel *ath9k_hw_check_chan(struct ath_hal *ah,
struct ath9k_channel *chan)
if (!(IS_CHAN_2GHZ(chan) ^ IS_CHAN_5GHZ(chan))) {
"invalid channel %u/0x%x; not marked as "
"2GHz or 5GHz\n", chan->channel, chan->channelFlags);
return NULL;
if (!IS_CHAN_OFDM(chan) &&
!IS_CHAN_B(chan) &&
!IS_CHAN_HT20(chan) &&
!IS_CHAN_HT40(chan)) {
"invalid channel %u/0x%x; not marked as "
"OFDM or CCK or HT20 or HT40PLUS or HT40MINUS\n",
chan->channel, chan->channelFlags);
return NULL;
return ath9k_regd_check_channel(ah, chan);
static bool ath9k_hw_channel_change(struct ath_hal *ah,
struct ath9k_channel *chan,
enum ath9k_ht_macmode macmode)
......@@ -2234,7 +2210,7 @@ int ath9k_hw_reset(struct ath_hal *ah, struct ath9k_channel *chan,
ahp->ah_rxchainmask &= 0x3;
if (ath9k_hw_check_chan(ah, chan) == NULL) {
if (ath9k_regd_check_channel(ah, chan) == NULL) {
"invalid channel %u/0x%x; no mapping\n",
chan->channel, chan->channelFlags);
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