Commit 0a939912 authored by Bruce Allan's avatar Bruce Allan Committed by Jeff Kirsher
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e1000e: cleanup redundant statistics counter

rx_long_byte_count can be removed since it is duplicated in rx_bytes
Signed-off-by: default avatarBruce Allan <>
Tested-by: default avatarAaron Brown <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Kirsher <>
parent 7dbc1672
......@@ -98,7 +98,6 @@ static const struct e1000_stats e1000_gstrings_stats[] = {
E1000_STAT("rx_flow_control_xoff", stats.xoffrxc),
E1000_STAT("tx_flow_control_xon", stats.xontxc),
E1000_STAT("tx_flow_control_xoff", stats.xofftxc),
E1000_STAT("rx_long_byte_count", stats.gorc),
E1000_STAT("rx_csum_offload_good", hw_csum_good),
E1000_STAT("rx_csum_offload_errors", hw_csum_err),
E1000_STAT("rx_header_split", rx_hdr_split),
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