Commit 08f1ec8a authored by Benjamin Herrenschmidt's avatar Benjamin Herrenschmidt
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powerpc: Fix page fault with lockdep regression

commit a546498f

introduced a regression on 32-bit when irq tracing
is enabled by exposing an old bug in our irq tracing
code for exception entry.

The code would save and restore some GPRs around the
calls to the C lockdep code, however, it tries to be
too smart for its own good and restores some of the
GPRs from the exception frame (as saved there on
exception entry).

However, for page faults, we do replace those GPRs with
arguments to do_page_fault before we call transfer_to_handler
and so restoring from the exception frame is plain wrong in
this case.

This was fine as long as we didn't touch the interrupt state
when taking page fault, but when I started doing it, it would
trigger the lockdep calls and the bug.

This fixes it by cleaning up that code a bit. It did create
a small stack frame for the sake of backtraces, so let's
make it a bit bigger and use it to save and restore the
stuff we care about.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBenjamin Herrenschmidt <>
parent b1a808ff
......@@ -206,40 +206,43 @@ reenable_mmu: /* re-enable mmu so we can */
andi. r10,r10,MSR_EE /* Did EE change? */
beq 1f
/* Save handler and return address into the 2 unused words
* of the STACK_FRAME_OVERHEAD (sneak sneak sneak). Everything
* else can be recovered from the pt_regs except r3 which for
* normal interrupts has been set to pt_regs and for syscalls
* is an argument, so we temporarily use ORIG_GPR3 to save it
stw r9,8(r1)
stw r11,12(r1)
stw r3,ORIG_GPR3(r1)
* The trace_hardirqs_off will use CALLER_ADDR0 and CALLER_ADDR1.
* If from user mode there is only one stack frame on the stack, and
* accessing CALLER_ADDR1 will cause oops. So we need create a dummy
* stack frame to make trace_hardirqs_off happy.
* This is handy because we also need to save a bunch of GPRs,
* r3 can be different from GPR3(r1) at this point, r9 and r11
* contains the old MSR and handler address respectively,
* r4 & r5 can contain page fault arguments that need to be passed
* along as well. r12, CCR, CTR, XER etc... are left clobbered as
* they aren't useful past this point (aren't syscall arguments),
* the rest is restored from the exception frame.
stwu r1,-32(r1)
stw r9,8(r1)
stw r11,12(r1)
stw r3,16(r1)
stw r4,20(r1)
stw r5,24(r1)
andi. r12,r12,MSR_PR
beq 11f
stwu r1,-16(r1)
b 11f
bl trace_hardirqs_off
addi r1,r1,16
b 12f
bl trace_hardirqs_off
lwz r5,24(r1)
lwz r4,20(r1)
lwz r3,16(r1)
lwz r11,12(r1)
lwz r9,8(r1)
addi r1,r1,32
lwz r0,GPR0(r1)
lwz r3,ORIG_GPR3(r1)
lwz r4,GPR4(r1)
lwz r5,GPR5(r1)
lwz r6,GPR6(r1)
lwz r7,GPR7(r1)
lwz r8,GPR8(r1)
lwz r9,8(r1)
lwz r11,12(r1)
1: mtctr r11
mtlr r9
bctr /* jump to handler */
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