ide-pmac: pmac_ide_tune_chipset() fixes

* Don't check check for pmif == NULL (it should never be NULL if we got here).

* Make a local copy of the timings and set the pmif->timings[] only after
  setting the transfer mode on the device (otherwise SELECT_DRIVE() call in
  pmac_ide_do_setfeature() will program new timings before the transfer mode
  is set on the device - this was pointed out by Sergei).  This change makes
  pmac_ide_tune_chipset() behavior match this of pmac_ide_{m,u}dma_enable().
Acked-by: default avatarBenjamin Herrenschmidt <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
parent 90a87ea4
......@@ -916,14 +916,15 @@ static int pmac_ide_tune_chipset(ide_drive_t *drive, const u8 speed)
int unit = (drive->select.b.unit & 0x01);
int ret = 0;
pmac_ide_hwif_t* pmif = (pmac_ide_hwif_t *)HWIF(drive)->hwif_data;
u32 *timings, *timings2;
u32 *timings, *timings2, tl[2];
if (pmif == NULL)
return 1;
timings = &pmif->timings[unit];
timings2 = &pmif->timings[unit+2];
/* Copy timings to local image */
tl[0] = *timings;
tl[1] = *timings2;
switch(speed) {
case XFER_UDMA_6:
......@@ -934,19 +935,19 @@ static int pmac_ide_tune_chipset(ide_drive_t *drive, const u8 speed)
case XFER_UDMA_1:
case XFER_UDMA_0:
if (pmif->kind == controller_kl_ata4)
ret = set_timings_udma_ata4(timings, speed);
ret = set_timings_udma_ata4(&tl[0], speed);
else if (pmif->kind == controller_un_ata6
|| pmif->kind == controller_k2_ata6)
ret = set_timings_udma_ata6(timings, timings2, speed);
ret = set_timings_udma_ata6(&tl[0], &tl[1], speed);
else if (pmif->kind == controller_sh_ata6)
ret = set_timings_udma_shasta(timings, timings2, speed);
ret = set_timings_udma_shasta(&tl[0], &tl[1], speed);
ret = 1;
ret = 1;
case XFER_MW_DMA_2:
case XFER_MW_DMA_1:
case XFER_MW_DMA_0:
ret = set_timings_mdma(drive, pmif->kind, timings, timings2, speed, 0);
ret = set_timings_mdma(drive, pmif->kind, &tl[0], &tl[1], speed, 0);
case XFER_SW_DMA_2:
case XFER_SW_DMA_1:
......@@ -962,7 +963,11 @@ static int pmac_ide_tune_chipset(ide_drive_t *drive, const u8 speed)
ret = pmac_ide_do_setfeature(drive, speed);
if (ret)
return ret;
/* Apply timings to controller */
*timings = tl[0];
*timings2 = tl[1];
return 0;
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