Commit 02f52190 authored by Charles Jacobsen's avatar Charles Jacobsen Committed by Vikram Narayanan

Preparing to test infinite loop.

parent 0f6ce597
......@@ -2,24 +2,31 @@
#include <linux/kernel.h>
* Force no inline, so we get a non-trivial jump. Use
* a hack to turn on no inline.
* IMPORTANT: This module should be compiled without
* optimizations (see Makefile in this directory).
* Otherwise, some things will be optimized away and
* we won't fully test the code.
* You may want to inspect the .ko before running with
* objdump -d.
* NOTE: If you disassemble the .ko, you will notice
* callq's that are not patched to jump to the correct
* place (e.g., they just jump to the next instruction).
* This is not an error. The module loading code
* patches these calls so that they work when the module
* is loaded. You can look at the relocation info in the
* .ko elf file with readelf -a.
#ifdef noinline
#define lcd_noinline_set
#define lcd_old_noinline noinline
#undef noinline
static __attribute__ ((noinline)) int foo(int x)
static int foo(int x)
while (1)
x = 2;
return x + 5;
#ifdef lcd_noinline_set
#define noinline lcd_old_noinline
static void lcd_yield(void)
asm volatile("mov $6, %rax \n\t"
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