Commit 01e0daa4 authored by Felix Fietkau's avatar Felix Fietkau Committed by Johannes Berg

cfg80211: fix reporting 5/10 MHz support to user space

nla_put_flag needs a real nl80211 attribute id, not a wiphy flag bit.
While at it, split 5 and 10 MHz capability flags in case we ever need
to support hardware that can only do one of the two.

Also move the flag settings to the split-only information so we don't
increase the space needed for old userspace.
Signed-off-by: default avatarFelix Fietkau <>
[change location of flag setting]
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
parent f12140c0
......@@ -1515,6 +1515,11 @@ enum nl80211_commands {
* to react to radar events, e.g. initiate a channel switch or leave the
* IBSS network.
* @NL80211_ATTR_SUPPORT_5_MHZ: A flag indicating that the device supports
* 5 MHz channel bandwidth.
* @NL80211_ATTR_SUPPORT_10_MHZ: A flag indicating that the device supports
* 10 MHz channel bandwidth.
* @NL80211_ATTR_MAX: highest attribute number currently defined
* @__NL80211_ATTR_AFTER_LAST: internal use
......@@ -1831,6 +1836,9 @@ enum nl80211_attrs {
/* add attributes here, update the policy in nl80211.c */
......@@ -1228,10 +1228,6 @@ static int nl80211_send_wiphy(struct cfg80211_registered_device *dev,
if ((dev->wiphy.flags & WIPHY_FLAG_TDLS_EXTERNAL_SETUP) &&
nla_put_flag(msg, NL80211_ATTR_TDLS_EXTERNAL_SETUP))
goto nla_put_failure;
if ((dev->wiphy.flags & WIPHY_FLAG_SUPPORTS_5_10_MHZ) &&
nla_put_flag(msg, WIPHY_FLAG_SUPPORTS_5_10_MHZ))
goto nla_put_failure;
if (state->split)
......@@ -1560,6 +1556,11 @@ static int nl80211_send_wiphy(struct cfg80211_registered_device *dev,
if (nl80211_send_coalesce(msg, dev))
goto nla_put_failure;
if ((dev->wiphy.flags & WIPHY_FLAG_SUPPORTS_5_10_MHZ) &&
(nla_put_flag(msg, NL80211_ATTR_SUPPORT_5_MHZ) ||
nla_put_flag(msg, NL80211_ATTR_SUPPORT_10_MHZ)))
goto nla_put_failure;
/* done */
state->split_start = 0;
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