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    Simple blob successfully runs and returns in vmx. · c4fc774c
    Charles Jacobsen authored
    In the process of debugging, major corrections and
    debug checks implemented (this is a big squash):
    -- coded up entry checks documented in Intel SDM
       V3 chp 26 (this should help later if settings
       are changed, make it less risky to experiment
       and give more confidence)
    -- fixed host tr base addr bug (the worst bug! caused
       system to hang and then crash, since the tss
       was erroneous...)
    -- fixed vmx_entry to properly set host rsp before
    -- setting host sysenter and idt info
    -- fixed cs ar bytes bug
    -- fixed gdt limit bug
    -- fixed tr type bug
    -- extra settings added to cr0 and cr4, but may
       not be needed ... (debug fix attempt)
    -- lstar mstar autoload, may not be needed ...
       (debug fix attempt)
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