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    cfg80211: separate internal SME implementation · ceca7b71
    Johannes Berg authored
    The current internal SME implementation in cfg80211 is
    very mixed up with the MLME handling, which has been
    causing issues for a long time. There are three things
    that the implementation has to provide:
     * a basic SME implementation for nl80211's connect()
       call (for drivers implementing auth/assoc, which is
       really just mac80211) and wireless extensions
     * MLME events for the userspace SME
     * SME events (connected, disconnected etc.) for all
       different SME implementation possibilities (driver,
       cfg80211 and userspace)
    To achieve these goals it isn't necessary to track the
    software SME's connection status outside of it's state
    (which is the part that caused many issues.) Instead,
    track it only in the SME data (wdev->conn) and in the
    general case only track whether the wdev is connected
    or not (via wdev->current_bss.)
    Also separate the internal implementation to not have
    callbacks from the SME events, but rather call it from
    the API functions that the driver (or rather mac80211)
    calls. This separates the code better.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <johannes.berg@intel.com>
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