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    ath10k: enable raw encap mode and software crypto engine · ccec9038
    David Liu authored
    This patch enables raw Rx/Tx encap mode to support software based
    crypto engine. This patch introduces a new module param 'cryptmode'.
       0: Use hardware crypto engine globally with native Wi-Fi mode TX/RX
          encapsulation to the firmware. This is the default mode.
       1: Use sofware crypto engine globally with raw mode TX/RX
          encapsulation to the firmware.
    Known limitation:
       A-MSDU must be disabled for RAW Tx encap mode to perform well when
       heavy traffic is applied.
    Testing: (by Michal Kazior <michal.kazior@tieto.com>)
         a) Performance Testing
           ap=qca988x sta=killer1525
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     194.496 mbps [tcp1 ip4]
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     238.309 mbps [tcp5 ip4]
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     266.958 mbps [udp1 ip4]
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     477.468 mbps [udp5 ip4]
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  301.378 mbps [tcp1 ip4]
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  297.949 mbps [tcp5 ip4]
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  331.351 mbps [udp1 ip4]
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  371.528 mbps [udp5 ip4]
           ap=killer1525 sta=qca988x
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  331.447 mbps [tcp1 ip4]
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  328.783 mbps [tcp5 ip4]
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  375.309 mbps [udp1 ip4]
            qca988x     ->  killer1525  403.379 mbps [udp5 ip4]
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     203.689 mbps [tcp1 ip4]
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     222.339 mbps [tcp5 ip4]
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     264.199 mbps [udp1 ip4]
            killer1525  ->  qca988x     479.371 mbps [udp5 ip4]
           - only open network tested for RAW vs nwifi performance comparison
           - killer1525 (qca6174 hw2.2) is 2x2 device (hence max 866mbps)
           - used iperf
           - OTA, devices a few cm apart from each other, no shielding
           - tcpX/udpX, X - means number of threads used
           - relative Tx performance drop is seen but is within reasonable and
             expected threshold (A-MSDU must be disabled with RAW Tx)
         b) Connectivity Testing
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=open     topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wep1     topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wpa      topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wpa-ccmp topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=open     topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wep1     topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wpa      topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wpa-ccmp topology-1ap1sta          OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=open     topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wep1     topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wpa      topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wpa-ccmp topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=open     topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wep1     topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wpa      topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wpa-ccmp topology-1ap1sta2br       OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=open     topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wep1     topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wpa      topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           ap=iwl6205 sta1=qca988x crypto=wpa-ccmp topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=open     topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wep1     topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wpa      topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           ap=qca988x sta1=iwl6205 crypto=wpa-ccmp topology-1ap1sta2br1vlan  OK
           - each test takes all possible endpoint pairs and pings
           - each pair-ping flushes arp table
           - ip6 is used
         c) Testbed Topology:
            [ap] ---- [sta]
            endpoints: ap, sta
            [veth0] [ap] ---- [sta] [veth2]
               |     |          |     |
            [veth1]  |          \   [veth3]
                \   /            \  /
                [br0]            [br1]
            endpoints: veth0, veth2, br0, br1
            note: STA works in 4addr mode, AP has wds_sta=1
            [veth0] [ap] ---- [sta] [veth2]
               |     |          |     |
            [veth1]  |          \   [veth3]
                \   /            \  /
              [br0]              [br1]
                |                  |
              [vlan0_id2]        [vlan1_id2]
            endpoints: vlan0_id2, vlan1_id2
            note: STA works in 4addr mode, AP has wds_sta=1
        Thanks to Michal Kazior <michal.kazior@tieto.com> who helped find the
        amsdu issue, contributed a workaround (already squashed into this
        patch), and contributed the throughput and connectivity tests results.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Liu <cfliu.tw@gmail.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMichal Kazior <michal.kazior@tieto.com>
    Tested-by: default avatarMichal Kazior <michal.kazior@tieto.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarKalle Valo <kvalo@qca.qualcomm.com>
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